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hal come when i baby sitted a coccerspaniel it started didding on the couches.?

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    When dogs are frightened, they often piddle where the owner's scent is strongest, such as on the bed or couch. This camoflauges their own scent with that of the owners, and they think it keeps them safe..The dog is just illustrating stress, fear or insecurity..Scolding will only make the problem worse..Take her outside more often and stay with her untl she is empty..the more attention you give her, the more secure she will feel..Meanwhile, see if there is something bulky, such as a folding chair to put on the couch, to keep her off..

    Source(s): dog breeder since 1968
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    The dog probably has separation anxiety . Its nothing you have done or you can do to make it stop . Some dogs just get SO stressed out when their owners leave . My best friends dog stopped eating and scratched herself raw . They all act in different ways .

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    Probably because it knew you couldn't spell so it freaked out .

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    I like your spellling. It's unique.

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    oh dear...

  • Anonymous
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    one more time in a KNOWN language, please!

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