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fastest way to drop 80 lbs?

ok i only got 7 months to drop 80lbs


any thoughts and what works / dose not work

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    Keeping busy, so you're not sitting much. Dancing burns lots of calories. I had gone dancing for about 3-4 hrs a night for about 3 or 4 nights a wk & lost apprx 100 lbs in about 12 months. Didnt even diet at that time. But I had so much to lose it was almost too easy. The last 10-20 lbs I had to lose were much harder. But keep active & busy with things to do. A goal in mind may help as well. I had gained some of those lbs back a few years later, but was going to get married in 4 months & lost about 20 lbs. Being busy with wedding plans I rarely had time to eat dinner. My dinner was generally a yogurt w/cereal or slice whole wheat (5 grms fiber) w/slice a cheese. Not much of a meal at all. Wouldnt really recommend this long term, but it worked for me at that time. You'll have to find what will work for you & what may work for you at one time wont necessarily work at another time. Watch the fat & sugar in foods. Avoid them as much as possible except for some good fats. Watch out for trans fats too. I exercise regularily at a health club & can maintain my weight, but I actually need to relose some lbs. I'm not anywhere near what I used to weight as I need to lose about 40 lbs at this time, but being busy definitely helps. You'll feel less like eating. Hope this helps. LOL!!

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    Diet and Exercise

    diet pills do not work. Not even those ones that claim to loose up to 30 lbs in a month. Read the fine print at the bottom of those ads. They say "statements not yet approved by the FDA" and that results are not typical and display a typical weight loss of 3.65 lbs. Also they say that along with the diet pill, participants dieted and exercised.

    The truth of the matter, is there is no SAFE way to lose 80lbs in 7 months. There is always extreme dieting, surgery, or becoming bulimic. My best suggestion is that losing this 80lbs isn't a life or death situation, so take your time and lose that weight safely, but it will take longer than 7 months. And once you lose the weight, keep it off by maintaining the same diet and exercise

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    Exercise, portion control, and stay out of the fast food joints. While this might not lose you 80lbs, it sure will get you on your way.

    If you're 80+ lbs overweight, than you most likely don't have very good control over what you eat, how much you, and getting yourself out there for a daily 30 minute walk.

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    Losing eighty kilos would a minimum of a ten months to a 12 months to achieve. You could have got to minimize your energy and get in form. Sign your self up for a 5K and get coaching. That will likely be well motivation to recreation.

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    i went on the adkins diet and lost 78lbs 3 pants sizes and 2 bra sizes in 5 months but i couldnt stay on it so guess what i gained it all back... the only thing i know that works is if you watch every single bite you eat and exercise all the time... or if your like me and cant do that the only thing i know that does work is gastric bypass..

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    The 6 week body makeover, it really works. I have lost 81lb. in 6 months.

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    A sensible meal plan with three meals a day and a high protein snack mid morning. mid afternoon etc and a good exercise routine.

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    really only 2 lbs a week is enough for the body to adjust to weight loss.

    ok...so here goes grapes for breakfast...and coffee with skim milk...lunch tons of salad with alvacardo, and mushrooms and all the vegs u can think of...(wheat pita bread)..stuff all the stuff in it..

    dinner...again lots of veggies, as much as you can eat (and afford)...

    avoid meat, tuna and cheese...and drink green tea

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    that's a lot of weight in a short amount of time.

    i say nothing but extreme hard work. throw on one of those rubber suits and run your tail feather off, ofcourse with a good meal plan.

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    Cut out carbs totally, exercise, exercise and more exercise is the only real way to lose weight fo real

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