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What are gothic elements in Frankenstein?

In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein?

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    gothic elements: universal themes, eerie settings, twisted creatures, a breach in the natural order, supernatural, darkness, pathetic fallacy & mystery The eerie feeling of the Arctic, a Gothic notion, contrasts with the warmth Walton feels from meeting Victor and his desire for friendship, both Romantic elements. She also develops two secondary themes: man's fear of death, and mans conflict between morality and science. Other themes: the struggle between good and evil in the human soul, and the existence of unexplainable elements in humanity and the cosmos The main theme of development of evil is supported by a secondary theme of man's fear of death. It is this fear of death and decay which drives Frankenstein to create his monster. He believes that if he can discover the secret of life, then he can cheat death and defeat old age. The fear of death has driven mankind on many searches throughout the ages to find ways of cheating death and avoiding old age. Today, scientists and doctors create new medicines to slow the aging process and defeat diseases which cause death. They peer farther and farther into the genetic code of human life in an attempt to understand why we die and to see if they can alter the course of life. We can understand why Frankenstein created his monster, even if we cannot support his cowardice in abandoning this creation.

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