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What are the best kind of haircuts for thin shoulder lenght hair?

I want my hair to look more fuller and thick. It is hard for me to wear my hair down because it gets messy quickly. Please give me any tips like what kind of haircut to get, shampoos or conditioners that help, or any other helpful tip

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    Thin hair should never be layered. It makes your already thin hair look even thinner. The ONLY time thin hair would need layering to look better, is if you had a head of curls. Then cutting those in layers would free the curls to act independently, with flippy curls all the way down your hair.

    Instead, I would recommend a chin length bob. Maybe one of the styles that snug up tight at the nape of the neck, then have longer flippy bits at the sides of the face. When you have your hair cut in a style that MOVES nicely, nobody notices that it's thin. Something like this:

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    if you hair is thin, then definalty go get some major layers through it, mabey even some funky bangs. I recommend PPS shampoo and conditioner and if you can get the deep treatment as well and put it once a week, with that also once you have dried you hair, smooth in some product to stop it getting messy i recommend BEDHAIR products, get one to suit the style (ask your hairdresser to recommend the best product for you)

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    get the kids shampoo and conditioner if i was you i would put the shampoo in than after i do that i would put the conditioner and lat it sit for like 10 min than take it out than blowdry than cut the back of your hair of in the on the top of your hair you will have to cut a little bit of like above your earthan on the right side than cut it untile it stop in the middle of you ear

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    My friend just got the most awesome hair cut, it is kinda like a bob, but wavy on the end; adds fullness. Find hair cuts in mags, that you like, and then perhaps take the pics to a good stylist. They will help you find something that not only do you like but that would be ideal for your hair type.

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    Layers will be good on your hair type. Use nexus sampoo for thin hair, it'll work, its espensive though.

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    I say get some layers, it makes it a little thicker and takes its own shape

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    I would recomend layered hair, with either a side part on the right side, or middle part. and both would look good with bangs on one side. good luck!

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    layers are good for thin hair. use a good product and blowdry upside down.

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