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Question on mailing a package to Iraq?

Hi there, I picked out a soldiers address on and was wondering if anyone had personal experience about sending DVD's there? Are rated "R" dvd's ok to send? The restrictions to this address prohibit 'obscene material' so I am wondering if an R rated movie, with objectionable material in it falls in this category? Thanks.

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    R rated is completely cool. I sent my brother a dozen packages through his 2 tours over there. I also sent him a lot of porno. So don't worry, they don't check them anyway. They just can't. Plus, commanders give a blind eye to that kind of thing. They figure their boys deserve a little leeway if they are going to risk their lives over there.

    Bless you for sending a stranger a package.

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    By obscene, they mean porn. Whenever I was in the field on active duty we would watch movies like Hamburger Hill, Apocolypse Now, and such.

    Trust me, they have a DVD player with them somewhere. You'd be surprised at the things soldiers manage to bring with them into the field.

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    I sent my husband tons of dvds while he was there. Sadly (for him anyway!) he didn't get the obscene kind from me! You just aren't supposed to send porn (but no one listens to that rule)

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    I think it would depend on just what the content is. "R" ratings don't necessarily mean obscene, just that you have to be over 18 to view it. Use your own good judgement.

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    yeah you should be able to send it, because we can by rated 'R' movies over here.

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