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does any body know if it takes alot out of (strenght & energy)a love bird when they lay an egg?

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    Yes, the answer is definately yes. I bird can become easily eggbound, and can become very dangerous, if not handled properly. I have a female Love Bird, who at the mare age of about a little over a year old, starting laying eggs, without a mate. It's not good to have a small bird lay eggs, especially when they will never hatch. Keep the bird in darkness, because the sunlight will make their body produce more eggs. I keep my birds cage covered most of the daylight time and try to keep both cages covered at all times. This in turn trains them for not laying eggs and to keep the noise down. i have learned that since I have had her almost 2 yrs now, she has learned to adapt to this behavior and she has layed less eggs. She has layed at least 3 dozen eggs since she first started laying eggs. I grew very concerned and sought out help from a proper Avian specialist everytime she layed them. the longer you leave the eggs in the cage, the less she will be prompt to lay more eggs. Shes cage aggressive and with eggs in the cage any hen would be protactive, so please use caution around small children. In fact when u have a bird, its like having another child around and that in turn made me want to study up on my knowledge of how to train birds. I turned a 1 yr-old love bird who had been badly abused, into a loving bird who steps up and loves to get her picture taken, not to mention cuddle in my breasts lol and fall asleep...

    Source(s): From experiece at the pet stores and I had to study alot to learn how to train my bird and then when I got a 5 yr old cockateil that was handicapped, I knew how to care for her and learned certain habits.
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    Love birds are Great. I raised many young birds and also hundreds of parakeets. When Love birds lay their eggs, it is like any other bird. They don't struggle and it does not take the strength and energy out of them. They Love it and it is so natural for them. My Love Birds were great. They were so protective of their chicks. The nest boxes become very dirty , more so then the parakeets. At the time the mated up pair would be mating, it wouldn't be long until the Mother would be shredding newspaper to carry up into the nest. The shredding would be about 1/4 inch wide, and about 4 inches long. She would then tuck it under her wing and carry it up and then down into the nest box. I could always tell when she wanted to lay eggs, because her shredding would begin. The Love Bird are Great Nest Builders. When the Mother would sit tight on her clutch of eggs the Father would stand sentrey duty. He would sit at the top part of the nest box. He was very protective and would not let us reach in. I found a way to tell which young bird was a male or a female. The Vets., charge lots of money to determine the sex.

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    yes and no,

    if your bird seems to have lots of trouble you should call or take her to a vet, FAST !!! it can be serious but most times they pass them fairly easy. your bird can seem to be having problems but it is normal for the first couple dozen eggs.

    hope this helps

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