ANY ideas for homemade bath/spa type gifts?!!??

I would like to be able to do this with my kids so I would prefer it was fairly simple. Also...I live in a VERY small town so the more attainable and basic the ingredients the better!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!

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    Umm...I am not sure on the ingredients exactly but I do recall my mom making bath salts before...I think she bought like rock salt and then scented oils from a craft store and kind of mixed them together.

    Oh, and then there's making soap. You can get the molds at a craft store and the scented oil (and actual soap blocks that you melt down) and you can put various things in it...maybe flower petals or something?

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    1. Get some Dr. Bonner's fragrance-free liquid soap. (You can buy it online: do a Google search for "Dr. Bonner's soap."

    2. Buy some essential oils, such as tangerine, cinnamon, vanilla, basil, or what have you.

    3. Buy some small "travel-sized" containers (at Wal-Mart or whatever).

    4. Pour some of the fragrance-free soap into each container (about 3/4 full). Add about 8 drops essential oil (or mix them together if you want, like vanilla and tangerine). Add more, drop by drop, until you get the strength you like.

    5. Label them in some way (I like Sharpies, as they are permanent and don't run in the shower, but whatever).

    6. Tie each bottle with a lovely ribbon. Give.

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    5 years ago

    The LA times made a list of 50 homemade gifts for you to make.

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    I saw them make bath salts on a tv craft show. Put rock salt in a large bowl, add several drops of your fragrance and food coloring. Mix together, put into jars, and wrap with beautiful ribbon.

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    milk bath salts

    2 cups Epsom salts

    2 cups baking soda

    1 cup powdered milk

    mix all together

    you can add and fragrant oil you wish and also

    color with food coloring

    mix all well put in jars or bags

    great Christmas gifts

    I gave them last year and people loved them

    when using put 1/2 to 1 cup per bath

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