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My room is a mess how should i start cleaning it?

thanks for the help

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    Find all 23 of those moldy half-eaten pizzas you left lying under your clothes, backpack, or such. Dispose of that rotten cup of hot chocolate you had on your dresser since last January while you're at it. And, yes, apparently hot chocolate (or whatever is left of it after it evaporates) can get rotten somehow...your messy room proves it! Best of luck!

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    Glad to help. get some garbage bags 1. make your bed 2. pick up everything that needs to be put away and put it on your bed. Clean clothes on one end. garbage in bag.3.dirty clothes go in a pile outside your door.4 if anything needs to go to another room place it outside your room. DO NOT LEAVE THE ROOM. 5. put the clean clothes on the bed away. 6 put the rest of the stuff away-make sure everything has a place where it belongs- 7. go around the room starting at the door work right to left around the room and top to bottom dusting and straightening and throwing the garbage away. vacuum or sweep then take care of stuff in hall. Now set the timer and see how much of this you can do in 20 minutes. PLay some music and get going. Good luck you won't believe how easy this is. Get rid of stuff you don't need.

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    You should divide your room in sections like for example your wardrobe is one, your desk is another one, etc. Get into that specific area and see the things you find and ask yourself "Am I going to use this? Do I even use this!?", but the thing is that the more things you throw or give it is better for your room and think it this way, you can now buy new things now that you have space. You don't necessarily have to get all done at once but you could get into a specific zone and dedicate to it. For me this is the best way to get my room cleaned and I hope you could also use it. Hope my tips help you, and wish you luck!!

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    Do it in sections if you can. Start at the point closest to the door. If the place where you need to put stuff away is covered, then take it out of the room and pile it somewhere until you're finished. Allow yourself about an hour, unplug the phone, and put in your favorite CD.

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    It's like eating an elephant: one bite at a time! Start with one task (dusting) and finish it completely. If you're still up to the job, vacuum the floor, change the sheets, pick up your clothes, do laundry, throw junk away. Keep taking "bites" until the job is through.

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    Get rid of all the food and such that will spoil. Make a big pile of clothes that either need to be put away or are dirty. Sort them out later. Then pick up all the other little things off the floor and put them either where they go, or in a box and hide it. whatever you decide lol. Then make your bed, and vacume a little bit, and WHALA!


    good luck!

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    initiate by ability of stripping the mattress and tossing the bedding into the washer. Curtains, too, in the event that they like it! seize a container or roll of trash bags, initiate on the door, and artwork your way in. maximum of your 'mess' is definitely rubbish. positioned it in in the baggage and haul them out as you fill them. clean from suitable to backside, and clean one area at a time. extreme cabinets, and so on. get wiped clean FIRST. Wipe down as you go. do not positioned something back till the completed area has been wiped clean. struggle by way of your outfits. in case you like something, you preserve it. carry it up or fold it well and positioned it away. in case you not like it, don't love it, or it does not in effective condition, even though this is nonetheless in solid condition, DONATE it. If this is stained, torn, or so gruesome no you are able to truly like it, this is trash ... throw it away! do this, area by ability of area, on your room. maximum of that's going to be throwing stuff away!

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    You should start picking up all the trash. If you have any cups or bowls take them out. And start cleaning

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    Make a...

    dirty clothes pile-

    garbage pile (bag)

    keep pile

    donate pile

    organize similiar items together, in boxes, like pens, papers, book calculators, etc.

    Once you have everything separated and put away that you are keeping, then systematically start oranganizing the smaller piles and putting them away. I do this to my 11 year olds room every year!

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    First, get off of the computer. I know you are procrastinating right now, because that is exactly what I am doing. I should be writing my Biology paper. Good luck & get back to work!

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    Start at the top of the pile, work your way to the bottom, until everything is in its place.

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