What do think is better? Canon EOS Rebel XT or the Nikon D50?

Im looking at buying my first SLR. Ive been shooting with a 2.3mp Canon Powershot elph and got some pretty good shots. Looking to move up to something easy to use and master. I have litle knowledge of using SLR's or photography (however I plan on learning!). Whats your reviews on these 2 as a first time SLR?

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    Do your on-line research from sites suggested then go to a camera store and handle each camera. You'd be surprised at the difference in handling a camera can make to your ultimate decision. Another thing to consider is that you can but an adapter for the Canon that will let you use other manufacturers older manual focus lenses. This may not be important now, but as you try and build your lens collection it may become so. The older lenses are cheaper and great quality. You'll have to work manually but once you price long,fast digital Canon glass you might want the option. The Nikons aren't as amenable to using other glass. Canon 5D owners are snapping up Olympus Zuiko wide angle lenses due to their image quality and price.

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    The Rebel XT is a better camera than the Nikon D50. In tems of features and price, the Nikon D70s is a closer match.

    Go to a camera store and handle both, however (or all three). The Rebel is a very small camera. Some people love this, and others hate it. But if you plan on taking tons of pictures, the small grip on the XT can be a real pain.

    If your budget is rather limited, you could also condider economizing $100 with a D50, and spending that cash on a better lens than you could otherwise afford with the D70s or XT. This would give you the best image quality for your money.

    The Nikon 18-70mm ($310 sold seperately, cheaper if bought as a kit with the camera) is a fantastic walk around lens.

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    Welcome to a whole new world of photography. I must confess I too am a Nikon fan and I don't mean to rubbish Canon in any way but I have a Nikon D50 and I love it so much that I have ordered a D80.

    If I were you I would follow advice given previously. Take your time to do your study on the net. Learn not only about its features but where all the controls are. Then take the time to go to a real camera store, put each camera in your hand and see what you think. Think about things such as reaching each control, how easy it is to change settings such as shutter speed, aperture and white balance.

    My prediction would also be that the Nikon D80 will come down in price.

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    I have the Canon Rebel XT and absolutely love it. The pictures are amazing! People off the streets come up to me all the time and ask if that is a "Canon Rebel xt" and comment on how awesome this camera really is. I read tons of reviews online before making up my mind on what camera to buy.I also tried many out at stores. I decided to choose this one in the end because i like the best of the best and of its class, thats what you will get from this camera. So go for it!

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    Boy, this is a tough call. I am a Nikon user, so don't ask me!

    Go to this page:


    and click on the reviews for each camera. You can also read user comments from 312 Rebel XT users and 195 D50 users! THAT should help you make up your mind.

    Personally, I don't know if I'd spend the $$$ on a camera like this without a spotmeter. At least the D50 has a spotmeter...

    You can start here and click "next page" as you go through dpreview.com's comparison of the D50 and Rebel XT.


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    Here is a crazy idea........Go to a REAL camera store and put both cameras in your hand. A Good camera store will have formed an opinion, either through testing or experience, but ultimately it should feel good in your hand.

    I popular camera might have a zillion bells and whisltes, but if the buttons are in teh wrong ergonomic spots for your hands, you will never truly enjoy the camera.

    Also, it sounds like you are writing from Canada, remember that in CA the Nikon has a 2 year warranty on the body and 5 year warranty on the lens, while canon is just 1 year.

    food for thought.

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    While I own neither, you might want to think about buying an interim model before splurging for the dSLR. I don't your exact position, but I recommend the Canon S3IS -- I own one and you can get it anywhere for about $350. It's an amazing camera and would serve very well as a transition. You might also look at the XTi. I would also recommend searching for each camera on flickr.com for examples of photographs. That might help you decide! Good luck and whatever you buy, I'm sure it will be a welcome improvement and learn a lot!

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    The Canon EOS Rebel (any one of them) is easy to use, easy to learn and takes AWESOME photos! I hav eone and I love it...I've been using it since my college photography class and it is the best camera I've ever worked with. Good luck!

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