I've put so much into this relationship and he went back to her...?

I really gave him my all, I fell in love with him quickly and deeply. Everything was fine and then she being the mother of his child came to him with option of getting back together and he did it. Now, I'm left out with my feelings hurt. I just keep thinking about him, I know we didn't have anything or else he wouldn't have left me, but I'm really hurt. I'm turning 30 next mth and this crap with men is getting old. I thought he was a man. What am I gonna do now?

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    i know the feeling believe me....(((sigh))) but we cannot make this men want us like the way we want them...you just have to get over it...yes it's hard but it doesn't leave us any other option than that...

    don't make yourself miserable and prove to yourself that you are worth more than that man...it's his lost not yours...allow yourself to mourn for your heartache but don't indulge yourself in self pity...try out new things or maybe you can pick up that old hobby you have already forgotten when you were busy loving this man...cheer up and something good will definitely come your way, just be patient and believe!

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    Take this in the kind and caring manner in which it is said... what are you gonna do now? Grow up and move on! You fell in love with someone with whom you admittedly "didn't have anything or else he wouldn't have left me" (which is true), but I'd like to think he's taking the mature route and planning to be a hands on father to his child.

    I understand that you're hurt and I don't mean to diminish that fact, but I have the sense that you pretty much knew this could happen, but you were hoping you were wrong.

    You're thirty years old and, sorry, but this sounds like something from someone 15-18. When looking for the right man, make sure you know what you're getting yourself into, and don't fall in love and give your all so easily and quickly. Some restraint is good! As is not rushing into things. Take the high road, be happy that his child now has their dad involved, and put a smile on your face, let that glow from within shine, expect to attract the right man into your life, be positive and never, ever settle. You would not have had a future with this man. I have no doubt that you will find the right one, but don't rush into things and make sure that the guy is truly available. I wish you nothing but the very best!

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    Guard your heart and be more cautious. Find other things besides men to occupy your thoughts, go learn a musical instrument, read a thrilling book, or learn a new skill or talent. Enjoy yourself and your interests and don't invest so much thought and energy into men for awhile.

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    Don't worry I have learned that if it was meant for y'all to be together than he will come back to you. I bet they want work out you'll get your man back hold your head up and don't give up. If he is worth fighting for than fight for him, let him know that you still care about him. You don't know God just might have someone even better than him. God answers prayers, pray on it but be careful of what you pray for.

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    find some1 better. he's out there don''t worry.

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