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I like this girl at my school, and she is in my grade, but I only have one class with her, Personal Fitness (Kind of like P.E. If you dont know what that is). I need to get to know her before I just tell her, but I dont know how, she knows me, but we dont really talk or anything, I kinda hang out with my friends, and she hangs out with hers. I dont want to be wierd and just start randomly hanging out with her and her friends, but I definately want to talk to her, and sometime ask her out. I just am not sure of how I could go about getting to know her, I havent gone to school with her but this year, i switched schools over the summer when I moved. I qam sarting My sophmore year here, and I would really like to spend it with her.

Thanks for any help anyone can give me!

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    Hey man take it from me, this is going to be the hardest thing that u might do in your life. i can tell u are actually going to talk to her and tell her, so bring a goodlooking friend with u, (if shes in a group) and be like: is your name .....? (and u have to say that the right way or it wont work) My name is .....(offer a hand shake) (kiss her hand and she will be in awe) i couldnt help noticing u, u seem really cool, and i think u are hot. maybe we can hang out sometime? talk for awhile then ask for her phone number, have a pad of paper already and a nice pen! It should work, its worked for me... lets see.... one time? lol i promise!

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    try 2 get 2 kno her if u pik teems for da sprts pik her on ur teem if u go in grupes try 2 be in her grupe then jus start takin 2 her ask her name wat classes she has n likes n jus all stuff she likes n hates DONT TAK ABOT URSELF 2 MUCH N DONT B COCKY but jus try 2 get 2 kno alot abot her then invite her 2 hang out wit u n ur frends at lunch or brake then after a wile ask if she jus wants 2 hang wit u then ask her out it all in all ite tak 2 weeks 2 a month depens on how much u see her

    n dont b a staker bein all creepy n folloing her arond n tryin 2 hide thats not cool

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    Ask around to make sure shes not dating anyone that way ya don't step on any toes.then be honest,send her a card girls like that. ask the card shop for help if you need any.Ask her out to a movie or whatever it is you want to ask her.make sure the card is cute and she'll love it.

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    When you leave class walk out with her and make a comment about something that went on in the class.

    When trying to talk to someone find something you have in common it makes it much easier.

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    ok in gym when u pair up pair up with her and talk to her and make her lagh at ur jokes that u hav and talk to her during that time and if shes hanging out with her friends just start talking andl draw her attention away from the crowd and ask her out!

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    Just casually start talking to her and become friends with her then in a while later ask her out, see if she'll go out with you, and if she doesn't want to, then you know she's not your type.

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    When I had that situation, many, many, many years ago, I took a deep breath, tried to stay calm and walked up to her and said, "Hi, can I talk to you for a minute?" She said yes, we walked away from her group and I asked her to a dance.

    You can't swim without getting your feet wet. Have confidence in yourself.

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    lol i am probably younger than you i mean a lot younger and i like this boy(same thing i only got 1 class with him and its p.e) i really suck at sports so i dont want to embarass myself. and i like him a lot!!!! but i'm too shy to talk to him too. we know each other but i hang out with my friends and he is with his lol. ok but sometimes i just go and say hi thats it usually i wait for him to say something to me first. but my advice to you is to go up to her and say hi and ask her out or tell her i like you or something thats what i'm going to do when i see my crush again!

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    you need to pluck up the couarge to ask her out to the movies or some thing , Ask her one on one (not via a third person) and ask her very nicely and be a gentleman

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    Ask her out ...... get 2 tickets to a get concert...... come on take a chance....

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