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How old can a female pit bull get pregnant??

she 10 months old and on her 1st heat. NO BY ALL MEANS I AM NOT TRY TO BREED HER. I know I have to wait at least 30 days after her heat to get her fix.

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    If she is in heat, she can get pregnant.

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    Your pit bull can get pregnant at her very first heat cycle. If you don't want to chance her getting pregnant, keep a very close eye on her. Don't let her out in the yard, even a fenced yard, without a leash. Not only can the females do some impressive jumps, but a male trying to get to her will be extremely persistent and probably not give up until he gets into the yard.

    Often a dog can be spayed when they're in heat, but it is quite a bit more expensive. Talk to your vet to be sure exactly how many days you have to wait to get her fixed after her heat cycle. You might not have to wait a full 30 days.

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    You should not breed a pit bull even though you may take excellent care of your dog the puppies may fall in the wrong hands . There are so many idiots out there that mistreat pit bulls . But to answer you question she can get pregnant if shes in heat but you shouldn't allow her to until shes at least 1 or 2

  • she should of been fixed before 10 months of age ! if you had her sense she was a puppy? then you wouldn't have had to wait after her heat cycle for 30 days to fix her !! cause that is taking a chance now for her to get pergnant and she could die or the puppys if she had them now at such a young age. Some dogs go into heat at 6 mos of age, and they can get pergnant at any age while in heat !! don't have any males around her and even if shes in a fenced in yard the males will find a way to get to her !! I heard they can do it through a fence !!!

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    Any dog in heat can get pregnant. Just be vigilant about keeping her secured and the males away from her until she can be fixed.

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    dont imagine so, yet a 2 month previous pup should not be in a topic the position she will be able to get pregnant, you're literally not observing her impressive Get your canines spayed once she's previous sufficient (type of four-6 months)

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    They can get pregnant on their first heat cycle.

    Most veterinarians WILL spay an animal when they're in heat, but it usually costs more...

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    6 mos. after her first heat. But you said she had it so you are okay.

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    I think you better call a vet. if you had her fixed when you got her you wouldn't have to ask.

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    Maybe from the toilet seat..

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