What in the world is "The Bubble Sisters" and "Chibikuro Sambo"?

All I heard was that is was really bad and made fun of blacks somekind of way. What who and when are these? Please help. I tried to search but nothing came up.


Korean pop singers in blackface? WHY??? why blacks??? WHY? For what reason? This hurts me and fills me with something red and it's not good.

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    Little Black Sambo (the Japanese title is Chibikuro Sambo) was first published in Japan by Iwanami Shoten Publishing in 1953. The book was a pirated version of the original, and it contained drawings by Frank Dobias that had appeared in a US edition published by Macmillan Publishers in 1927.

    The Story of Little Black Sambo, a children's book by Helen Bannerman, a Scot living in India, was first published in 1899. In the tale, the little boy has to sacrifice his new red coat and his new blue trousers and his new purple shoes to four tigers, including one that wears his shoes on his ears, but Sambo outwits these predators and returns safely home, where he eats 169 pancakes for his supper.

    The book has a controversial history. The setting of Bannerman's story was clearly in India - as can be seen by the presence of tigers and the reference to ghee - and thus it is likely that Sambo is an Indian boy. The original illustrations portray Sambo in the European version darky iconography (see golliwog), with black skin, wild hair and bright red lips. As the book made its way across the Atlantic to the US, the illustrations were re-interpreted in terms of the possibly more demeaning American version of darky iconography known as blackface. As a result the word "sambo" has a long history as a racial slur against African-Americans.

    The Bubble Sisters are a Korean pop group who performs in blackface.

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