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How come my mom won't let me listen to explicit music?

I can watch any PG-13 movie and half the time I can watch rated R shows but One song that has the F-word in it she freaks out...


I know she's my mom and all but like its not that bull crap rap. Its the loose limbed rock of Guns N' Roses

Update 2:

I am 12 years old...

Update 3:

I have neen around cussing my whole life though... Me and My Dad go hunting and he is like Layne shoot that mutha effin' bird.

Update 4:

I don't say those words. Okay? I just listen to some music that has those words. She took a Pink Floyd Album away from be beacuse one of the son said the F-word. And that pisses my off (I can say Piss)

Update 5:

Get it through you effing heads I'm a boy not a effing girl! Good Heck! Thats startin' to really tweak my melon!

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    Dude, its a good thing yer ma doesnt like your music all part of the growing process, its your job as an almost teenager to start testing the boundaries. If you really wanna piss her off get Rage against the machine and stick on "Killing in the name of" and watch her face as the main chorus kicks in "F*CK YOU WONT DO WHAT YE TELL ME!" classic, followed up by the live recording of Metallica playing "Am i Evil" :-D

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    Many, if not all of these bands, are of very adult content. They may not all curse and swear or talk about gangs, guns, and killing, but they are not necessarily of 9-year-old content, in my opinion. Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco all have confusing lyrics and probably cannot be disciphered by a 9 y.o. However, slower music may be a little different. Sample lyrics from Maroon 5's "This Love," (albeit one of my favorite bands) "I'll fix these broken things, repair your broken wings, and make sure everything's alright. My pressure on your hips, sinking my fingertips in to every inch of you, cause I know that's what you want me to do." I'm 26 years old, and I think that's a little colorful, if you will, for a 9 year old. A lot of the other bands sing a lot about loss, depression, rage, that sort of thing. Other bands, i.e. Shiny Toy Guns, The Killers, My Chemical Romance, just by their NAME sound a little too adult (as is the content/lyrics of their songs.) I certainly do applaud ya'll for screening the child's music before letting them loose with it. I think pretty much all the bands you listed might be a little questionable in content. Good luck with the music situation! PS further lyrics from Maroon 5 (not to disagree with earlier answers...) from "Makes Me Wonder," "Wake up, bloodshot eyes, struggle to memorize the way it felt between your thighs..."

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    Shes a "mom". You're a 12 year old. Who knows best?

    When you are a "mom" you will understand. I'm a dad but at the other extreme I was once a wild teen. This is a question I could have asked at your age but can easily answer years later at my age.

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    Cuz youre 12 as u said and she's your mom. So until u r 18 then u must follow her rules. Once 18 then it's a different story unless living under her roof and having to follow her rules. So you better get over it and do as she says

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    She just doesn't want you saying those words. If I was you I wouldn't make a huge fuss over it or she'll think your imature and make you wait till your out of the house. Good luck.

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    how old are you? If you are young I can agree! If you are older-dont worry about it!

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    Wait until you r a mom!!!

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    Because she is your mother and she sets the rules......

  • Cyrax
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    because, sshe feels its important for you

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    That's her job!

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