My 7 week old is fussy and sometimes cries during feedings. Even after 3 hours of not eating.What could be wr.

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    double check with your ped that it is in fact "colic". it could very well be reflux. my baby started at 3 weeks. the docs kept passing it off as colic since he was gaining weight and not spitting up much (a silent refluxer). excessive spitting up is a sure sign for reflux, and a lot of gas. anyhow, turns out my baby had a milk allergy as well as reflux. i refused to listen to them and kept taking him back til they fixed him....follow your instinct, i knew it was not colic...don't be afraid to fight for your baby.

    i stopped nursing and changed formula from regular, to soy, to 100% hypo-allergenic. he was also put on 2 different reflux meds before we found the magic combination.

    when i would try to feed him he would act like he was hungry and start eating...but a few minutes later he'd arch his back and start screaming unconsolably, and pass a ton of gas.

    we tried gripe water, and gas drops...which seemed to help some at first, maybe you could try those. but it seems to me it's not colic that your baby has. colic is usually inconsolable crying for a few hours a day, often the same time everyday--not all day long with a bunch of spit up. if i were you i'd take him in and insist they check for it or begin treating it as such and see if it makes a difference. reflux is very painful, and the longer you let it go the worse it gets.

    my sisters nephew in law cried 24/7 literally for 4 months when he was a baby because he reflux was so bad and they didn't know. if you treat it you should at least see an improvement likely the same day or next, which should reaffirm that it is reflux.

    if all else fails and your peds refuse to consider a reflux possiblility, take him to a ped. gastroenterologist specialist. also without hisitation try putting him on soy to see if that helps too.

    i'd bet a good amount of money it's reflux not colic....

    good luck, i hope it all works out soon for you....if you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to email me!


    mom of a reflux baby.

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    5 years ago

    I'm with your doctor. You should never put cereal in a baby's bottle. Especially if you are trying to make the baby sleep more. You wouldn't give the baby Benadryl or something like that to make him sleep would you? You should expect a 7 week old baby to need to be fed about every three hours. That is normal. If you don't want to hurt your baby, then you will just have to suffer through the night feedings. If your 6 year old is at school during the day then you can try to nap or work on your school work while the baby is sleeping during the day. If not, you might just have to sit out a semester or two from school and go back when the baby is older. Sometimes we have to sacrifice for our kids.

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    It sounds like reflux to me. Someone else answered this too; and I agree with her. If your baby is diagnosed with Reflux; be sure he's put on a pain relieving medication like Zantac, and also Reglan, which empties the stomach and promotes healing. Although projectile vomitting is the biggest indicator of reflux (also acommpanied by arching of the back, fussiness, gas), it's not necessary to have all of these symptoms. It could be silent reflux.

    GOOD LUCK and I hope your baby's needs are met soon.

    Source(s): Lots of friends with reflux babies
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    my 8 week old son done the same thing, the doc said it was colic but it wasn't.. he has an intolerance for son was cranky, he had alot of painful gas and cry during feedings and push the bottle away. I switched him to similac isomil soy formula with iron and dha & ara..and he is doing so much better. Also baby bliss gripe water may help.

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    Your baby probably has colic . My daughter did the same thing when she was a baby. It takes alot of patience and time. Make sure you burp your baby often while feeding . Also you can call your doctor and he or she will be able to give you more advice on what to do. Congradulations on your baby! May God bless you and yours. Hang in there

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    sounds like colic to me. Thank the good lord that my baby hasent had a problem with that.... just gas and food allergies here. i was a very colicy baby... lots of back patting and walking the halls anything my parents could do to get me to burp or relieve gas... good luck though it takes a lot of patience to handle a colicy baby... it will get better though! hang in there! My friend has what they call " gripe water" tiny tummies ( it mught be called small tummies) puts it out and its supposed to get rid of hicups, gas, help with colic... i dont use it but they say it works well... good luck again!

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    Make sure your baby is being gently burped during feeding. Don't rush feeding her/him. They have tiny digestive systems. It could be what she is drinking is too harsh for her. Is she on formula?..if so, contact your doctor to see what he/she suggests. When i was breast feeding, my breast ducts became my baby did not get all he needed. I had to go to formula for new Born's. You might want to get yourself checked to make sure everything is in working order. that age..that's all babies do..its how the y communicate. Is she too tired?..Does she need soothing? she wet?..Best to have your baby checked out by a paediatrician be one the safe side.

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    get him/her checked for reflux. I know a lot of women who's baby's had reflux and had to be on medication or particular formula. it could be collic like every one else said, but if he's crying while eating, you might want to get him checked just in case.

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    could be many people have experienced this and it is not fun! I would visit the pediatrician and just see b/c your baby could be sick. You want to know as soon as possible what is wrong so you can find a remedy!

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    Could be Thrash, the mouth hurts during feeding, and after. It's signs are white milky coating on the tongue and it could be on the roof of the mouth, and on the sides.Look for bumps to on the tongue. Go to the doctor. and strelize you nibles.

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