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and man said, "Let there be God"?

After man and ape went their separate ways and the missing link died out, man looked for a way to distinguish himself from the rest of the animals. "We are far more beautiful," said man. And man lived many years, developing technologies to lengthen his lifespan. But he saw his brothers dying nonetheless. "We are far more beautiful, and we are far more intelligent. We should not die like animals, we should live forever in bliss." Man searched but found no ways to stay on this earth forever. Mans brethren started to doubt their significance in the world. Suddenly, man up surged, "I have found what makes us special. We are far more beautiful, and we are far more intelligent. We should not die like animals, we should live forever in bliss." And man said, "Let there be GOD."

Is this how the idea of God was created???...........

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    and so the hairless ugly ape called Man created god in his own image...( man is an ape it is ownly our arrogant attitude that supposes otherwise. We are genetically closer to a chimpanzee then a gorilla is and they are both apes) I'm proud of being an noble Ape I would be ashamed if I was Christian

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    Probably. What man understands as God, cannot explain the intelligence that creates all. He therefore tries to put into human terms, something that cannot be defined. After all, that which is created cannot fathom that which creates.

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    In the Old Religion, it was the Goddess who birthed the world. Why can't we acknowledge the vital necessity of the female gender? Whether through deliberate human creative design or the possibility of true fact?

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    Ya and of coarse we've seen lots of examples of animals taking on religion havent we????? Wait have we? Or are we created in the image of God?

    The image of God is more a matter of our souls, not necessarily our physical characteristics. Mankind is unique from animals in that we have things like developed societies, history, culture, art, justice, morality, technology, science, philosophy, transcendence of environment, a sense of self-awareness, and most importantly; religion and knowledge of God.

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    It was the other way around, God revealed himself to us.

    It is only the arrogant who create in their own mind an all-knowing conscience and one that is in the light of complete revelation, who would think they could possibly understand everything about the events leading up to the very question you are asking.

    Look outside your own mind, look for truth beyond what is contained within the confines of your own thinking.

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    Emus got it right, buddy. =)

    First came the unexplained questions... the need to find answers... the need to invent something that can help to explain what primitive science and logic couldn't.

    Mankind created God to find sense and meaning to his existance... to find an answer to what his mind couldn't understand.

    That's why the primitive men worshipped thunder, and us modern men don't - We know understand what causes thunder.

    As science evolves, it comes up with answers for things, and we need less divinization in our daily lives.

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    Good try Satan, that's the reason you are not in heaven, pride.

    See Isaiah 14.

    Being like God is what we all should be doing. We should emulate God's perfect character. However, we should not crave to be God. God is always on the throne and nothing will ever dethrone Him. Satan didn't realize this.

    Satan's sin included the following:

    1) He sinned in his heart by coveting God's power. 14:13

    2) Planned on being higher than God. 14:13

    3) Planned on controlling God's angels and kingdom. 14:13

    4) Planned on being God. 14:14

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    My dear you should really pick up a Bible. I'll even be glad to mail you one. If nothing else read it for the historical content. Then bring back some proof that it is not true. Men have been trying to do just that for thousands of years and have yet to succeed. One day you too will know the truth and I pray for your soul it's not too late.

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    hey you missed a key point... its in a film called 'the secret' which can be found at <> ....which makes fiction of your writing and your bright imagination

    may God/Allah/Jah/The Great Creator/etc bless you in your naivety

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    Of course.Man invented God for his own purposes.

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