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should i dye it or not ..... now that my hair is orange??

I have recently tried dying my hair blonde not knowning what i was goin to do and unfortunately it turned a tint of orange but isnt completly orange ( the longer parts of my hair are still light brownish ) and i really dont like it im not exactly sure i was hoping it would turn out like but i cannot go to school like this and i wanna just dye it to a darkbrown which i have done b4 so i know looks fine...... what should i do ??????

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    Dye it back to dark brown using a permanent colour. And stop trying to go blonde until you have cut off all your previously coloured hair. That means letting your own hair grow out for a minimum of 3" and then getting all the previously dyed stuff cut off.

    Then, if you still want to go blonde, have a professional do it.

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    I think you should go to a salon to have it professionally fixed. I know when I tried to dye my hair at home, it turned out a wreck. When I tried to fix it, it got worse and I had to cut if all off. It took a very long time for it to grow back...

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    get feria shimmering sands dark blonde 70 and color over it!!!!!!!! but realisticly you should go to the salon and get it toned it cost about $20 dollars than condition it by puting conditioner on you hair than covering it with a shower cap and leaving it on for 30 minutes than rinse it with cool water!!!

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    i think u should go to any hair website and look to see what u want to do with ur hair first

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    you need to goto a salon

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