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What are you supposed to wear when you wear a gs suite when ski racing?

I am going to be racing with my schools ski team and they are making us wear a gs suite when racing and since I have never needed one since the group I used to race with did not make us wear them I dont no what to wear under one. I used to just wear shorts and a t-shirt. A gs suite is a suite that gives you extra speed when racing

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    i usually wear UnderArmor, its really thin but keeps you warm. Alot of people wear Hot Chillys.

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    Racers I know wear different layers under their gs suits. Long underwear -silk or synth or whatever- is pretty common. I know some kids who wear 2 gs suits at the same time when training at night when it's really cold. I suppose when it's warm out you could race 'caveman' under the thing, but i don't know anyone who has. As long as you can zip it up, layer how you like underneath.

    Have fun smackin' gates

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    Talent, skills, ability, and effort is what gives you speed when racing... not a GS suit.

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