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What should i do?

I've had a kind of very strict upbringing,and i have got a very few friends.I moved to a different country and don't seem to be able to get rid of "attitude" as my entourage call it,which makes it difficult to befriend people. Did anyone go through that situaton or is going through? have you got some tips on how to look friendly? i have to add the fact that i'm a bit shy.

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    just relax, smile a lot, and talk to people who sit next you, begin by asking there names, or talk about the class, the people that will be your true friends will like the way you are. no adjustment needed, because when you're friends with someone, they will see the real you, and others will just see a rough exterior

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    Loosen up! new city, new style find a different way to do things. It will take some time but you'll get around to being a good friend to someone. Good Luck!

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    Loosen up, have fun. But remember to be urself, of course you might wanna change for some reason or another but never change who you really are, nobody is worth that. Best of Luck!

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    They say to have a friend, you've got to be a friend..so I think just be yourself and if you are a little shy, just try to be as outgoing as you can. I think it's important that you be yourself and that others like you for who you are and not who they think you ought to be...I don't want or need friends like that. Hang in there..it takes time.

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    Look inwards and self examine yourself for your true inner qualties. Then having taken stock ...join a club or after hours course..... Be your self ....Smile ...no ..not if u do not like to smile...Join a book reading club maybe....

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    Loosen up and smile more.

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