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what causes a sudden nose bleed?

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    Bleeding from the nose (Epistaxis)

    Bleeding from inside the nose is a common complaint presenting an emergency. Epistaxis is often a frightening sight to the patient and the attendants, especially if the patient is a child. There are a variety of causes which can lead to bleeding from the nose.

    Local causes

    Finger nail trauma due to excessive nose picking. This is the most common cause among the children.

    Trauma to nose due to road traffic accident or being hit on the nose by a ball or fist.

    Fracture of the nasal bones.


    Viral rhinitis (infection of the nose).

    Acute sinusitis


    Foreign bodies in nose

    Deviation of the nasal septum

    Atmospheric changes such as sudden movement to high altitudes.

    Any growth in the nasal cavity, like polyps, benign or malignant tumors.

    General Causes

    Hypertension – commonly seen in old age

    Heart diseases


    Bleeding disorders – when the patient has a deficiency in the system responsible for control of bleeding there is an abnormal tendency to bleed.

    Drugs- like excessive use of analgesics for pain.

    Acute general infections like typhoid, pneumonia, malaria, dengue fever, measles etc.

    Idiopathic - at times the cause of bleeding may not be clear.


    - Don’t panic because most of the time bleeding can be controlled by pinching the nose tightly for about five minutes.

    - Ice compress can be applied in the nose. They cause bleeding blood vessels to constrict & bleeding stops.

    - If bleeding is profuse the patient should be taken to the doctor. It may require inserting packs in the nose to stop the bleeding.

    - Hypertensive patients should take their blood pressure controlling medication regularly.

    - Excessive nose picking is a very common cause of bleeding both in children & young adults and should be discouraged.


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    Sudden Nose Bleed

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    Are there nose bleeds that aren't sudden? I guess that would be where you get this feeling that you are going to bleed, and over a couple of days the feeling increases and finally results in a single drop of blood and later a couple more drops and then a drip, drip, drip, and finally a steady flow.

    Maybe all the replies refering to a punch in the nose are wrong. If you see you are about to get punched in the nose, the bleeding is then not unexpected and all of a sudden...

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    This Site Might Help You.


    what causes a sudden nose bleed?

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    Sudden Nosebleeds

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    I offered the answer below to a very similar question just a day or two ago. Since it was voted Best Answer, why reinvent the wheel? Here you go:

    When I was in grade school, I used to get nosebleeds frequently. Some of them were real gushers and they could be triggered very easily (a sneeze, blowing my nose, sometimes just spontaneously).

    This went on for years until my family doctor suggested I buy some Vaseline and then apply a little to the membrane inside my nose a couple of times a day. This simple solution solved the problem!

    The membranes in your nose can be very thin. They can also dry out, particularly in dry or cold environments. When it cracks, you get a nosebleed. Even when it stops, if it doesn't get sufficient time to regenerate, you're bound to get another nosebleed. And so the cycle continues. A little Vaseline can break the cycle.

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    Source(s): Personal experience. Plus, I'm a Wellness Home Consultant who helps people make their homes an environment that fosters better health.
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    These links have some good info about nose bleeds

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    There are many reasons, none good. You could have thin membranes and need to have your nose cauterized. You could have diabetes and you could have high blood pressure. Basically, you need to find out what's causing it from a doctor.

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    For my wife, very dry whether causes her sinuses to get brittle and BLAMMO, a spontaneous nose bleed

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    a sudden change in temperature or air pressure.

    working out too hard, like running. lots of ppl get them while playing basketball and soccer, ocassionally tennis.

    when someone suddenly gives you a big punch in the nose.

    Source(s): my brother used to get those.
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