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Define global perspective as it relates to E-commerce?

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    When you are dealing with E-commerce, taking a global perspective is going to mean taking into account all the issues and challenges you face in doing a global business vs. a pureloy domestic one. For example, a global e-commerce site will have to deal with foreign exchange questions, higher shipping costs, longer shipping times, and potentially a whole constellation of legal issues that can vary country to country. And these could hit you, conceivably, in everything from when you are legally allowed to charge a credit card to how long a buyer has to return merchandise.

    Assuming all of those thorny problems are dealt with, then another global issue would simply be marketing. Different parts of the world have different needs. Products might need to be varied for global consumption. Food stuffs or electronics certainly have different requirements. Consumers in different parts of the world respond differently to the same marketing message because of cultural or language ques.

    One of the classic cases of this was the Nova automobile in the 70's. It didn't sell well in Mexico because while Nova in English means an exploding star, in Spanish No Va means "Doesn't Go"!

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