ok women this might sound stupid..?

can u get pregnant anytime? but have a betta chance when u ovulate?......or can u get pregnant only during ovulation...lol i am stupid at these things!

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    well the chances are higher during ovulation but really there is a chance of getting pregnant at ANY time. Although the statistics say that a woman only has a 20% chance of getting pregnant each month accidents happen all the time and seems like the percentage is a little higher. SO if you dont want to get pregnant protect yourself at all times :)

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    No its really not a stupid question, and I've done a little research on it myself recently. Usually it depends on the woman because all of our bodies are different but what I do know is there is definitely a better chance of becoming pregnant when you ovulate. I think it's like the first three days before and two days after ovulation that you are most fertile, but like I said every woman is different. There are websites you can go to for questions on ovulation just to be sure.

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    You can only get pregnant during ovulation.

    Some women ovulate more than once a month and literally can get pregnant at anytime during the month.

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    You can only get pregnant when you ovulate and most women ovulate mid cycle. The thing is not all women ovulate mid cycle and not all women realize when they are ovulating so it is possible to get pregnant anytime if you don't know when you ovulate.

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    You only have about a 24 hours a month that pregnancy can occur. Around 14 days after the first day of your last period. But sperm can live inside you 3 to 5 days. So you can have sex 3-5 days before you are most fertile and still get pregnant.

    Source(s): mayoclinic.com - ovulation
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    now and lower back whilst the egg implants you will get a pointy soreness or spot of blood which isnt unheard of, yet for many females human beings you wont sense something in any respect. i merely knew with the two my pregnancys that i became into pregnant, merely a womans instinct i assume, however the only way youll be attentive to is taking a attempt after a missed era.

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