Final Fantasy 8 is a great RPG game....right?


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  • Jim
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    1 decade ago
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    it was a great game. it had some great ideas. but it wasn't without it's downfalls.

    many of the people that don't like FFVIII (8) are dopes that are under the illusion that VII (7) was worth more than the spit in my mouth. why? because these people, for the most part, started with VII, and did not realize that each game is supposed to have a new magic and battle system that is different than the previous one. but VII just re-hashed the system from VI (6), because they were focusing on graphics. sure, NOW, the graphics of VII suck compared to VIII, but at the time, it was new on the system, and things were done with VII that had never been seen before. unfortunately, since they focused so much energy trying to learn how to use newer graphics capabilities, they neglected to focus on a storyline, so they stole the story from several contemporary novellas. the guy that wrote answer number 2 contradicts what i just wrote, but i've actually got facts on my side.

    the major problem with VIII was the junction system. yes, it was nifty that spells would increase stats, but ... i don't know anyone that ever cast the Ultima spell.

    another problem in VIII was the levels of monsters. i beat it at level 14, because things level along with you. the higher your level, the harder some of the high end monsters are. like the ruby dragon. the trick is to stay low level, and the game will actually be easier, even if you never get access to certain spells like meltdown, flare, comet, etc...

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    because of the fact the 1st poster had mentioned, KH sequence is superb super and fantasy is great...i don't comprehend approximately fantasy 2 yet nevertheless. yet once you're searching for something in the 1st technology of Playstation...haha, I had forgotten what RPG I had performed then...I say, Legend of Legaia and its succesor in PS2, Legaia Duel Saga is tremendously ok.'re able to desire to play the innovations wobbling, perception shattering, heretical XENOGEARS...this is developer is likewise Squaresoft...(previously merging with Enix so the story and gameplay is only astounding) do not underestimate the anime-like character will like the battling series interior the Gears. First time I had performed the recreation, I puzzled distinctive issues...yet properly...i grew to become into in basic terms a toddler then, so i did not incredibly comprehend it lots. LOL. don't be perplexed with Xenosaga...they are of a similar universe, yet not a similar. i does not advise it. even with the undeniable fact that the story is only approximately the two solid, the gameplay isn't... desire that enables.

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    Yeah, FFVIII is a great FF game, but if you want the most legendary FF game made, aside from FFXII, FFVII is the best. Though you can have any of the series as your favorite.

    Source(s): Played basically all of them
  • 1 decade ago

    not the best of the FF series but great anyway.

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  • 1 decade ago

    ff8 sucked they focused to much on graphics and not enough on the storyline. it was one of the worst. if u want a good one play ff7 and ff10

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