How do I make my own .exe program?

For example setup.exe.

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    WinRar lets you compile files into a exe file. There are other free softwares in Try it there

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    Setup is a speciality program

    It comes packed with most programming languages but you can also buy set-up tool kits to make customized installation.

    This, however, is vastly different from making exe programs.

    To make executable programs requires a full blown programming language like Visual Basic, or any C or C++

    Then you design forms (fornt ends) and the workings (back ends) in code and then you compile it into a free standing program

    These langauges include a distribution kit that has a minimalist set up program.

    But if you want a program that show pretty pictures and talks about the merits of your software you need to buy a distribution package that lets you customize it.

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    to get your own program, you have to write it!

    .exe is an extension for programs written in C++/C programing language (also some others, like VB). If you written a program in Java, you'll get .jar program. it may do the exact same thing, but languages differ in their features and you choose the one that suite you

    Visual Basic (VB) is an easy program language to pick up. and there are many free resource to help you make your own program.

    I hope that help, good luck

  • 1 decade ago

    Making a setup program is something you'd typically do with a program like InstallShield.

    An open source alternative called NSIS exists.

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  • 1 decade ago

    There are a number of programs that will allow you to create your own applications.

    I use/studying Visual Studio.Net 2003 from Microsoft

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    Hi friend.

    You need install wizrds to create a setup files.You can download them from net. Installshield is a comprehensive installer creation software.if u need a simple one....yet effective QSETUP is an effective program.If u have further

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