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Floyd Mayweather vs Pernell Whitaker - at 147?

12 rounds.

The greatest southpaw that ever lived vs a potential all-time great.


Frank D - yes. Whitaker cleaned out 4 weight divisions.

Update 2:

Frank D - Hagler is my favorite fighter, too. he was anything but a brawler.

Update 3:

Frank D - you seem like a decent guy, but please wake up.

Because Marvin is my favorite fighter does not neccesarily mean he was the best fighter of all time, or even a better fighter than Whitaker. He certainly wasn't a better fighter than Sugar Ray. That got settled in 1987.

My pick of Marvin as my favorite fighter is based not only on his consummate boxing skill, but also his workmanlike life and ring ethic and the terrific sense of humor he displayed.

What you need to do is start looking at things objectively, and realise that 'favorite' and 'ring ability' are two different entities.

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    I wouldnt pay much to watch this one, wouldnt be too many punches thrown here. Well not many landed anyway. I would say probably Whitaker SD at 147. I think he was a slightly better Welter, i think PBF might take it at a lower weight.

    Do you rate Whitaker above Hagler ?

    That has really surprised me, i rate sweet pea quite highly but not in the same league as Hagler for me, but i guess that is down to a difference in opinion over fighting styles. I know that you like the way PBF fights so obviously you would rate Pernell Very highly as well. I have always been more into the brawlers so therefore Hagler is right up there for me. My favourite fighter of all time.

    If hes your favourite fighter of alltime how can you rate somebody above him as a better boxer your contradicting yourself, i think you have just decided to be argumentative. I also know he wasnt an out and out brawler as per say but what i was trying to say was that he got involved a lot more than the two fighters you had mentioned above who fight going backwards.

    The way that i think you could look at this is that Hagler would be in virtually everybodys top ten all time where as Sweet Pea might only make it into most peoples top twenty, i presume you will disagree.

    Therefore i dont want to argue about what you have said i will ask the question and we might be able to draw some conclusions from the answers. I know its only a difference of opinion so neither of us are right and neither of us are wrong but i would like to see what everybody else thinks.

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    pernell whitaker by 12 round decision.mayweather is an all time great fighter,but whitaker was just too good against all styles.he beat chavez who is the best mexican fighter ever 11 rounds out 12 but got screwed by getting probably the worst draw in boxing history.if there was a style whitaker exploited its weakness like azumah nelson a master boxer with extremely heavy hands he was lucky to win one round.against a pure boxer like buddy mcgert he boxed his ears off.whitaker would take about two rounds to figure out mayweather then start frustrating mayweather by counter punching winning a wide shut out and boring the audience to tears.

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    The most boring tactical fight in the history of boxing. Mayweather by decision.

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