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Pregnant dog not going into labor? IS something wrong?

2 yr old lab - breeding dates 8/20 - 9/4. We've had her to the vet last week - as we've had 2 temp drops to 98 - but then a return to 99 - 100 temps. We had to change vets recently - so I don't have the confidence I had in our prior vet (lont time doc for our dogs) -- anyway - x ray on 11/2 showed 5 pups. She has had full teats since 10/28 (over 2 weeks). The vet told us to just 'let her go, she'll probably deliver by the weekend - she won't be too far past what her due date should've been" -- She still shows no signs of labor whatsoever - in fact, I'd say her vulva has become less soft then it was before. The only changes we have noticed is she has vomited about twice a day over the last 3 days and she takes her back leg and scratches at her head (like CRAZY) - OR - she chews at her legs. This is her first litter. I'm just wondering if my 'worry' is justified or is this just a side of whelping I've not been exposed to? Any help or thoughts will be greatly appreciated!

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    i'd wait,

    at least one more week.

    and then if nothing is happening, still.

    I'd take her into the vet.

    But have fun with your puppies, when they come out!

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    The gestation period for a dog is 63 days. The puppies can be born a few days on either side of the 63-day average and be fine. The drop in temperature to 98* is a sign that labor should begin within 24 hours, so if you're past that time period, it's best to get her to a clinic. The vomiting is not a big concern if her attitude is still good and she's still got interest in food - it could be that the uterus is so large is size that it's encroaching on the stomach and causing some vomiting. Dogs can develop what's called by some breeders "uterine inertia", where labor commences but the uterus does not contract and labor halts. The emergency vet can administer an injection called Oxytocin that stimulates contractions and moniter her more closely. Straining for more than two hours and green discharge from the vulva are also signs to watch for that would indicate an immediate need to head to the ER.

    I'd love to hear how things go with your girl - puppy-birth is so exciting, but so very nerve-wracking. It's always been one of my favorite parts of being a tech. Please feel free to email me if you need anything! Best of luck to you!

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    I would have her rechecked, just to make sure. Is there anything else going on in the house that would stress her out? Dogs can put off labor if stressed. But it sounds like she is overdue. You may want to get an ultrasound to make sure that the pups still have heart beats, and that they are not dead.

    Since it is her first litter, don't panic. This may be normal for her, even though it is not typical. But because is isn't typical, you should get her checked out.

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    She is a week past her last due date. I would take her to the vet again. They should not go over about 68 days and she is at 71. Something may be wrong and she cannot have them on her own.

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    I helped another person with their question about their dogs pregnancy and I am also going to help you.

    I contacted a dog expert and paid for her service in reference to your dog being over due and received an immediate reply. You can go to the following site if you have anymore questions:

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    Hi Roadrunner,

    Besides being a little overdue, she sounds like she's acting perfectly normal for a pregnant dog. Mine all seem to puke foamy stuff up for a few days right before labor starts. They also seem to urinate like crazy and on the day they deliver, they have tiny bowel movements all day long.

    I suggest you get a flashlight and a towel and take a nice walk with her. This might stimulate her into starting labor. Some dogs won't push in the house because they are trained not to go to the bathroom inside and labor feels like they have to have a bowel movement.

    She still might not go into labor tonight, but I think you are looking at tonight or tommorrow.

    Hope this helps.


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