more girl help =-(?

ight, soo i have another post up...and you prolly havent seen it soo heres the gerenal idea....i am in love with my bestfriend...and she when out to dinner with this guy tonight and i donno what to do, people told me i had to talk 2 her soo i think i might do that, but how should i go about telling her? its not like i just treat her like any other girl, she means the world to me and i dont wanna mess our relationship up at all, but i cant let another guy have her, so i have to do sumthing. any help would be fantastic.

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    You should deff. tell her! Who knows you guys mite be ment 4 each other and u shouldnt pass that up! Go for it!

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    Either make your move, or let your best friend be happy. There is really nothing you can do to get around it. If you don't tell her how you feel about her, and you constantly get in the way of her dates... you will only piss her off, because she will not understand why your doing what your doing, on the other hand... how much do you value your friendship? Do you value it more than taking that risk for love? Or love her soo much, that you would rather be just her friend, rather than to risk the chance of losing her? Either way... you have to do something.. and it doesn't seem like any of your choices are easy! I wish you the best...Good luck:)

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    oh wow this case is never easy...

    all u can do is when u see her..

    ask her how she feels about u..

    and make sure she knows that

    herhonesty is very important..

    and if she only tell u that she

    likes u as a friend then u decide if u wanna tell her..

    but if she says that she likes u then this might be a key..

    that u might be able to use to ur convinience..

    because u know that she has some feelings..

    and u can tell her how u feel..

    find out how she feels..about u

    and then decided if u wanna tell her..

    make sure its somewhere romantic..

    that always seems to be a huge plus!

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    Just talk to her and tell her you have an interest in her. let her know that you'll always be there for her but if she wants something more then she'll know. If she's a truly good friend she'll except you either way. Just build some confidence up and tell her. good luck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think writing a letter would be great, too. Tell her what you said just now about how she means the world to you... Good luck!

  • dont just come rit eout and say it! ease into it. flirt 4 a while and kinda give the hint. if shes smart then she'll figure it out!

  • 1 decade ago

    write her a letter. its your loss if you dont make a move. if you lose her friendship over this, consider it a blessing in disguise. why be with someone who does feel the same way back.

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