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Any Idea wut I could get my bf 4 chrstmas? 10 pts to best answer!?

He likes pink, and his fave color i red... he likes football, and skating... he likes music but he has like a LOT of CDS so I cant get him another one cuz he'll probly already have it... plz help me out

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    The best gift you can give is your undying love for him.

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    How about an IPod or MP3 recorder so he can put all of his favorite songs from his huge CD collection in one spot. IPods come in different colors now too.

  • Anonymous
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    go skating on christams.... or do something you both like.... there nothing more greater than a great time together and lots of good memories...... for objects....... hmm.....a framed picture of you and him? might be cool if you haven't alread done that....

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    mayb u should get him a pink shirt an get it airbrushed with his favorite footbll plyer on it that way he'll have all his favs in one

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  • G-BOY
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    1 decade ago

    Buy him a T.V. Radio for his car! We love car gifts!

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    find out wat his favrite team is then get him a jersey all dudes lov jerseys of ther favrite teems n insted of puttin it in a box wer it 2 sho him he will like da present n da rappin if ya kno wat i meen that way hes happy wit da gift n da hole day

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    how bout u break up with him before that and not worry bout it.

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