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I am looking for a wedding band in color instead of gold or silver. Can I get a colored wedding band anywhere?

I am looking for a colored wedding band such as blue.

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    Gold is available in a variety of colors. Yellow, white, green, red, and rose are readily available for a jewelry artisan from a professional refiner. Other colors require special-orders.

    I am able to get custom colors such as a blue made with enough time for the refiner to schedule it and enough money to make it worth everyone's while. Unfortunately, special colors have special costs because they require individual alloying of the metal.

    If you don't find something you like, feel free to contact me at the link below and we'll see what we can work out.

    Good luck.

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    You can buy a ring that has been "enameled." It is a traditional jewelry making technique that involves coating metal (most often sterling silver) with powdered pigments. The metal is then heated to melt the powder, leaving behind a lustrous and beautiful coating. If you type in "enameled jewelry" or "enameling" you'll find multiple sites dealing with this process. I've included a URL below that will show you an example of what it could look like. Enameled pieces can be as simple or elaborate as you like. If you don't see anything online (or in a store) that you love, you can have a custom ring made for yourself as well.

    Congratulations on your wedding!

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    I don't think you will be able to find a blue band. However, this website has some very beautiful rings. The stones are blue and set in the typical silver or gold tones. I hope that helps.

    Otherwise I would suggest that you talk to a local jeweler. They would know more about it. And if it is available, they would know about how much it would cost and where/how to get it.

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    There are different kinds of Rhodium acids available. You can get black, gunmetal, pink, green, lots to choose from. Go to a good jewelry store so they can give you some advice. But it is do-able! You could look at a catalog called Stuller and look at he different acids with different finishes that they have available. The only thing is that these acids tend to be expensive depending on what the stock market is up to. Any gold ring that you like the style of can be refinished in one of those acids. Or you could even check out a jewelry line called Hidalgo. They have tons of enamel finishes to choose from. You can customize just about anything in their line. Just again, go to a good jewelry store, with a reputable master jeweler to point you in the right direction!

    Source(s): Me: The Rhodium Queen
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    My ring is Rose Gold with several small diamonds set in a marquise diamond shape and I love it, like you, it suits my skin tone and isn't very common( atleast where I live). I've only had it since christmas, so far there hasn't been any wear or tear on it and i've banged it up pretty a couple of times on accident. I was going to get white gold, but this just stuck out to me more and everybody loves it too and thinks its really expensive even though it wasn't.

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    I've never seen blue before, but Titanium is the new gold. It is a dark grey color and will withstand years of abuse. Go to a local jeweler and take a look at some of their Titanium pieces...they are pretty impressive.

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    Yes you can!!! It may sound a bit strange, but look for jewelry stores/jewelers that target a homosexual audience. Often they sell colored jewelry and colored wedding bands. Also, if you don't want to do that, look for jewelers that specialize in "Black Hills Gold" products. Black Hills Gold is colored in a variety of colours.

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    Ive never seen a blue one, but there is such a thing as pink gold.

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    The Artist Tree Wood Art people will do something custom for you. Also some titanium rings come in blue.

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    titanium makes great wedding bands, and its virtually indestructable. Its usaully a nice blueish gray to black color.

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