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girl i like, but im nervous about telling her how i feel-i gave one of her friends a letter to give her (which was a BAD idea) some of the people in my class (which the same girl i like is in) got thier hands on it-i wanted it to be something personal.... I catch up with her after my 6th hour class, which is near hers,We dont really talk to each other, but she asks me "how are you" or something else, but not much else...I follow her during Gym usually, because i want to ask her out, the other reason is beause i like the company-shes really kind to everyone (well,i know that shes really kind to her friends, but im not sure otherwise) and shes really beautiful, as well-She has my username and pass, because i wanted her to check if I entered her yahoo e-mail correctly...I have her phone no. and address-If she finds this, i hope she wont get mad at me..i dont know what to do, or what to say to her

i really want to go out with her, plz help me!!!!!!T_T

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hey mahn why are you swettin it don't worry about it How bout this instead of a letter or a phone why don't you ask her out by e-mail so that way you don't have to worry about anybody stealing your note and that way you don't have to tell her on the phone while your a nervess reck!Write back and tell me how things go check your e-mail for my address!

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