Is this normal for an Aries?

I just recently discovered about myself that I am territorial. Is that part of being a "Ram"? It's affecting my work, any advice?

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    yes. Not sure what to tell you, but the fact that you are aware of this is a good step forward. Try to be more aware and put yourself in other people's shoes.

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    Anything that effects your work or normal living circumstances needs to be carefully evaluated and modified to better fit into your life. It doesn't matter the characteristic being that of an Aries to be territorial. My guess, it was learn't at home in your environment. A parent modeled it or whatever in your environment that may have created this behavior in you.

    What I know about an Aries Sun sign is the ruling planet is Mars and we are Cardnial meaning we have much ability to succeed in what we set out to do for ourselves. We are in the process of building our personality in this lifetime. Yes, I am an Aries too!

    You have the courage to do what it takes as long as you know what it is you really want. If staying in that job and working for that company is what you want then you will find a way to comply your urges to be excessively territorial to the point of loosing your job, or affecting your work. You make your choices in this life not the circumstances we are in. What do you want? Do it!

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    Alittle but you need to relax and let it go. If you can't be okay with sharing at the work area you will get fired.

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    yes that is normal for us aries

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    yup, that's the way we are!

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