vegans, please raise your hand?

i need help, i have been a vegan for two months, but have gotten a lot buiser, does anyone know a nice and simple meal plan that i can follow that doesn't involve throwing 12 different things together and cooking it? I usually depend on either cereal or luna bars but that doesn't do me any good with nutrition. thank u, ur saving my life!

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    I like to cook a bulk of food on the weekends so I can take them on the go during the week.Some quick and easy snacks are

    quaker rice patties,top them with peanut butter

    vegetarian beans(baked,chili,refried)i like to add rice with the beans. chili beans with spanish rice,baked beans with brown rice,refried with spanish .also,have some bread or tortillas with beans and the rice

    fruit smoothie

    peanut butter jelly

    chips and salsa

    put chili beans in a bag of frito lays,eat with a fork out of the bag

    heres my meal plan and toast with jelly

    snack=nut mixture(almonds,cashews,sunflower,etc)

    lunch=whatever I cooked on weekend


    dinner=whatever i cooked on weekend

    snack=fruit juice or a piece of fruit

    message me for more ideas/help

  • missie
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    1 decade ago

    I've been a vegatarian for several years and still wonder the same thing. I eat a lot of cereal too. You could take some of your favorite meals from before you were a vegetarian, and change them a little. Like spagetti without the meat sauce or meatballs. Lasagna with no meat added. Chilli with no burger (thats actually really good - its just the kidney beans and spagetti sauce but its yummy with bread and butter). You just need to adapt things to your eating and tastes. For dinner tonight I had a sub sandwich with no meat or mayo (I dont eat eggs either). Hope that helped a little.

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    Yes I'm sooo weak! I can't raise my arm in class, and I didn't just complete a workout session! I don't ride my bike 4 miles to university every day or go kayaking and hiking at weekends!

    Oh, except that I CAN and DO.

    Anyway, if you want something fast try soups. A lot of the canned ones can have a few things added to them to spruce them up. Jacket potatoes with baked beans or vegan sour cream is good and fast, and also pasta with red sauce from a jar is good. You can also get a number of things frozen. Gardenburger Riblets are wonderful and fast, and good in a bun!

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    My meals don't take too long to prepare. Breakfast is easy either porridge with soya milk and jam or toast with peanut butter or jam. If I want cold cereal I have weetabix or shredded wheat.

    For lunches I usually make sandwiches either having a salad filling or homous.

    Quick dinners are either pasta with a vegetable and tomato sauce, rice and stir fry vegetables, a stew made with chick peas, carrots, cabbage any other veggies and then just left to cook etc.

    I have lots of ideas for quick and easy meals on my website.

    Hope this helps


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    My hand's raised. I've been vegan most of my life which is long already. Here's a diet you may consider

    Always have fresh fruit around. Keep Exekial bread, a sesame loaf and a cinnamon raisin loaf in yourfreeezer. Keep soy milk in your refrigerator. Keep sunflower seeds in the refrig. Keep frozen vegetables inthe freezer. If you arent allegic to wheat gluten stock in a supply of frozen burgers. in different flavors, in your freezer. In the morning, have fruit or fruit juice, Exekial bread with soy cheese little little fat so its 1/2 gram only Cinnamon bread w/ raisins has zero fat grams. Bread about 70 calories a slice..Fruit whatever is in season.Jams/ jellys, whatever.A burger if you're hungry. Vary with bowls of cereal, other bread, or more fruit.

    Evening meals can use vegetables from the freezer, a burger or two. Vegetables in season help vary them.

  • Kathy
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    5 years ago

    I would raise them in a healthy vegan way, but if as they get older they want to try meat or dairy or what have you I'll let them...just as long as I don't have to eat it. I would consider making two meals, but it's like having a veg kid in a omnivorous family: they need to learn to cook if they're going to differ from what the rest of us or having, or be willing to cook their own meal one night a week. Whenever my family is eating something I can't have, I make my own on the side and eat the vegan parts of their meal.

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    Try making all the meals for the week on one Sunday; The freeze some/refridgerate some; only takes a couple of hours to do and definately saves time for the busy work week!

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    Bagged salad from the supermarket. Crock pot with chopped veggies, chicpeas, and bullion simmered all day. Tofurkey deli slices in a sandwich. Canned soup or chili.

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    carrot sticks, mix silken tofu and melted choc. chips together in a bender and let sit- vegan pudding- take it with you in tupperwear containers- salads, of course, celery sticks with peanut butter, make huge batched of soups at a time, freeze and take with you in thermouses, fruit, precook cous-cous and take it to and fro in small containers(loads of iron and other good stuff)...good luck. I'm a budy vegan, and seem to be making due.

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