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lit three ways in which computers have affected our lives its either good or bad or both.

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    Porn, ebay, and online gambling.

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    Computers have affected our lives in many ways.Computers allow people to look for jobs and study for school.They also allow people to meet others.

    However,computers provide an oppurtunity for danger.Many people can be kidnapped and tracked down.Chatting is one danger of the computer technology.Viruses can be developed on a computer.


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    People use computers in many ways. In business, computers track inventories with bar codes and scanners, check the credit status of customers, and transfer funds electronically. In homes, tiny computers embedded in the electronic circuitry of most appliances control the indoor temperature, operate home security systems, tell the time, and turn videocassette recorders (VCRs) on and off. Computers in automobiles regulate the flow of fuel, thereby increasing gas mileage. Computers also entertain, creating digitized sound on stereo systems or computer-animated features from a digitally encoded laser disc. Computer programs, or applications, exist to aid every level of education, from programs that teach simple addition or sentence construction to programs that teach advanced calculus. Educators use computers to track grades and communicate with students; with computer-controlled projection units, they can add graphics, sound, and animation to their communications. Computers are used extensively in scientific research to solve mathematical problems, investigate complicated data, or model systems that are too costly or impractical to build, such as testing the air flow around the next generation of aircraft. The military employs computers in sophisticated communications to encode and unscramble messages, and to keep track of personnel and supplies.

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    we have become reliant on programs on the computer to do things for us ex. microsoft word, people don't bother to read over documents because they think spell check/ grammar check will take care of it for them.

    offers quick and convenient ways of communication -ex, msn messenger, e-mail.

    invades privacy, identity theft --- phishing (stealing of personal info by having a site that masquerades as a legitimate site ex. fake hotmail page, has user login and password, once you click send, info gets sent to criminal), viruses ex. trojan and malware.

    offers a wealth of information and info and travel quickly -- ex. we can just Google a topic and we tons of relevant sites will pop up

    computers waste our precious time. --- ex. teens sit in front of computer playing games for the whole day or watch videos on youtube for several hours straight when the time can be used to further academic progress (do homework, study, etc.)

    >another point is that this habit people have developed has contributed to people being unhealthy because they just sit and don't get enough exercise. eyesight might become poor too.

    > because they are spending so much time in front of computer, people are becoming anti-social hermits. the need to leave their house has decreased, as almost everything can be done on the computer, such as buy groceries, order merchandise, communicate, etc.

    hm... that's all for now. hope it helped :)

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    1. Good- Expanded people's education (homework help sites, info, etc.), 2. Bad- cut people off from family, friends (people spend more time on computer than with family/friends), and 3. Bad- given child molesters/stalkers/etc. more chances to harm people

    hope that helps!! :)

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    It has brought the world closer, with faster communication.

    It let the world realize, the yahoo answers website.

    It lets people do banking 24-7 and generally is god sent.


  • people got fatter, faster way to do research, and hackers

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