An ex wouldn't just come out and say that he misses you, he would have to leave you hints right?

And what would those hints be if he thinks that your over him?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I'm in a similar situation...the way my ex tells me that he misses me is by saying he thinks about me alot, and mentions specific things he remembers or wants to do next time we have a chance. I think guys in general might have a hard time coming out and saying it, especially if he does think you are over him. I think you'd be able to tell if he didn't if he started ignoring you, not returning your calls, etc.

    Some hints that he misses you would be the phone calls, calling you or returning your calls, texting you frequently, talking about things pertaining to your relationship, making plans to hang out, things like that.

    Hope things turn out alright!

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