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how do you measure the right measurements for a skateboard??

like is there a certain measurement way to find how the wheels have to be ex:45mm (and i was wondering how you find that out)

also how to find the board size because i see boards that say like 7.50 width....whats that mean....

--also what are bearings used for?

--is there a certain placement for the trucks??

--but most of all is there a certain way to measure a board??

--and any brand/type can be used on skateboards??((i think it is im not sure though))

but please and thank you to the some one that can answer all of these questions...seriously thank you soo much.... :9

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    ok, 7.5 width = fattest part of the board (nose) when you're measuring side to side. Bearings are the part in the wheel that lets them spin, there on the inside of the wheel. YOU NEED BEARINGS. When you get the trucks, put the big nut (otherwise known as the "kingpin") facing inwards, or toward the middle. If you don't put them in the middle you will try to turn and basically die. When measuring a board, measure what looks like the fattest part of the board from side to side. Which should be from about 7 to 8 inches. When measuring length measure from the nose to the tail. Hope this helps!

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