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Is Heaven an athiest or non-Christian person's version of Hell?

Because with all of the "Christians" on here who attack everyone without grace, acceptance, or a real desire to actually help or enlighten anyone, I would not want to end up stuck with these people in the afterlife. They are some of the most terrible people that I've ever had the misfortune to experience. Why on earth would I strive to spend eternity with them?

Better answer before this gets erased...................

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    The super sappy harps and angels and puppy-dog version of heaven certainly seems unpleasant, but that's because it's immature and sugar-coated, and not what the church teaches.

    I am a non-Christian, but from my understanding of Catholic doctrine Heaven is being with God forever, and that sounds pretty awesome. I could definitely dig being with the epitome of truth, justice, and love for all eternity.

    My view of hell, though I don't believe in hell per se, is being eternally ignorant and upset.

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    In the afterlife, I imagine there is total love and understanding....understanding the perspective of others that we do not have here. So, "over there" would be a totally different existence than being here. I wouldn't worry about spending "eternity" with those that scorned you here.....forgiveness is key.

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    Really??? How are Christians treated on here to begin with? (horrible) Can you blame us if some of us get defensive? (not at all) Are you any better coming on here slandering Christians? (no) Who exhibits more grace and restraint in general? (Christians)

    You should want eternal life for yourself and not worry who else is going to Heaven. Theres probably going to be people in whatever church you join that you dont personally care for. Its part of being human. But if you have an unhealthy preoccupation with hatred toward your fellow man, that will keep you from God! You cant claim to love God and hate your fellow man!

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    If you judge people so harshly, you aren't a Christian, you may just think you are. I am a Christian, and I don't judge people, but only to protect myself. What I mean by that is.... I won't be around someone who isn't good for me.

    Heaven is different to different people, not just religions, as well as Hell. I can't tell you what everyone believes, but I believe that Heaven is a place people go who have been chosen by God, and their name written in the book of the Lamb, because they repented their sin, confessed with their tongue that Jesus is Lord, and He is the Son of God, and lives their life always striving to please God. As for hell, I believe it is a place where your soul goes after you die, if you did not do the above things.. even if you were a good person - you didn't take the time to acknowledge who made you (God) and that God is a jealous God, and He wants you for Himself, not for Satan.

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    atheist here

    while we're pretending, if in fact there were a such thing as heaven and hell, i would choose heaven. why would you want to burn in eternal hellfire?

    if the mythical god would poke its head through the clouds and say, "hello my children", in a soft voice so we don't go deaf because of its enormous vocal cords, I would immediately become a make believer. I mean speaking in tongues, giving ten percent to the church, the whole nine yards.

    until that day, i remain knee deep in reality.

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    yeah i feel the same way too. i would like to call myself a christian but i guess i'm kinda shying away coz i hate all the negative comment and judgmental looks people give me when i go to church just coz i'm goth. i'm just a normal girl but they refuse to see past the darkness i put on the surface and i definitely do not want to spend the afterlife with them.

    but maybe Jesus was goth. because he was preoccupied with death. and he wore long flowing robes and some goths wear that too. Christianity is all about suffering and persevering and so is goth. if heaven is filled with goths, i definitely want to go there.

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    Nicely put, however....

    Heaven is within each of us and is our own version of joy and happiness as we walk our path on earth as well as the afterlife. In truth you already share it with those souls unless you dont connect either physically or emotionally with those people.

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    No, it's their idea of a place that doesn't exist. Should it actually exist and atheists go there they will be ok because all you christians that say you are accepted etc will be unlikely to make it there.

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    I agree wholeheartedly--I'd rather have my tongue nailed to a tree for all eternity than have to tolerate these horrible people in my presence!

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