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write a dialogue between 3 person (min length is 2 pages A4 size)?

About a conversation between 3 person?

the conversation is in a situation which i introduce my new friends to my classmate. show me how to write a interesting dialogue??? the place that is taken in restaurant.. the length is about 2 pages A4 size. tq... please help me

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    "Hey kid".

    I turned to look but no one was there. It was all quiet on the street this Sunday morning.

    "Hey kid"

    I heard it again. "Hey" I said back, hoping to find where the voice was coming from.

    "Come here" the voice said.

    "Where are you?" I asked.

    Just then my friend, Carl walked out of the pizza shop. "What do you want Carl?"

    "Huh?" he gave me a strange look.

    "Didn't you just ask me to 'come here'?" I asked.

    "No, I just got out here". He said. "Are you feeling alright?"

    "He can't hear me" the voice said.

    "Where are you?" I asked

    "I'm standing right here, dork" Carl laughed thinking I was playing around.

    "No there's a voice here" I said.

    "He can't hear me" the voice said again.

    So hows that for a start on a three way conversation?

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    3 Person Dialogue

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    Good luck...KECK

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