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why and what wars did iraq fight aginst Israil? this is talkin years and year ago?

Why were they always fighting? im guessing oil has something to do with it. this is before hussain.


sorry i meant ISRAEL

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    Jewish people have lived among Arabs for over 2000 years. It traces back to Jewish people being nomadic herders and being seen as different and not part of the islamic governments that existed. That's why they were often enslaved and persecuted.

    The current problems are over control of the land that is both historically connected to both islam and Judiaism.

    To answer your question specifically

    The country of Iraq was formed after WWI and I don't believe has never been in a direct war with Isreal, which was formed after WWII.

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    You're probably referring to the 1948 Arab/Israeli War. The reason... the same as now; the Arab states were trying to destroy the newly declared Jewish nation. There's no oil in Israel or the Palestinian territories.

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    Didn't Hammarabi haul off the chosen people back to Babylon back in the day? that would count as one.

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    What the hell is "Israil?"

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