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What's the distance from Hongkong to Guangzhou, China?

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    The distance is around 190km. The best way to get from HK to Guangzhou is to take a direct train from HK (Hung Hom Station - KCRC) to Guangzhou (Guangzhou East Station). The Fare (one way) is $180. You can get more info (and book tickets) at ( select "Intracity Passenger Fare).

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    The distance from Hong Kong to Guangzhou is 174 Km. Busses and trains run daily between the two cities. There are also high-speed ferries which run regularly.

    By Bus the ticket is about HK$250 (USD33). It's about 3.5hours.

    By train fFrom Hong Kong ( Kowloon Railway Station ) to Guangzhou ( Guangzhou East Railway Station ): You can go to Guangzhou East Station from Kowloon at: 15:55, 13:53, 10:35 or 8:55 by train. From Guangzhou ( Guangzhou East Railway Station ) to Hongkong ( Kowloon ), go to Guangzhou East Station and take 10:50, 14:05 15:05 or 17:40 train. It's about 2 hours.

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    Less than 200Km. It takes usually one to two hours to link the two cities. From HK you can go to Guangzhou by train, by bus, and even by boat/ship (till Panyu, southern Guangzhou suburbs).

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    3) via street is okay, the gap between Guangzhou and shenzhen is one hour via motor vehicle, and Shenzhen and HK is one hour via motor vehicle, Ghuangzhou and Hk are approximately 2 hour via motor vehicle, assume no traafic jam. Xiamen is slightly an prolonged way, 8 hours via motor vehicle from Shenzhen.

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    I prefer by train, around 2hours, cost HKD190, fast clearance procedures.

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    heres a recommendation dont take the ferrie,u will definitely get sea sick, i recommend the bus because of rough wave out there. they are boats and not neccessarily ferries , it wll take forever.

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    don't go by boat take the bus 175 km

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    it is about one hour if you take bus !

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