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Why do all questions that I post in religion and Christianity get erased?

People are so incredibly lame. They can't handle a little skepticism or doubt. They automatically feel like they need to jump all over everyone who says anything that could be twisted and misconstrued to mean that they don't have faith in God.

If you can't question your faith, then how do you know the depth of your belief?

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    I say question questioning your own belief system, you'll either confirm for yourself what you already believe or shift your beliefs based on your findings. As long as you, yourself, respect others and their opinions I wouldn't worry about others being "lame". :-)

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    If you question your faith you have no faith.... If one is of The True Christian Faith then it is based on fact and The Truth is known... there is no need to question that which is known to be Truth.... There are however, within the Christian community, some areas which are debateable. But these do not pertain to the Salvation Message and The Truth of God's promise to His people.

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    I agree completely...

    Now watch my answer get erased...

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