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Jessie asked in Entertainment & MusicTelevision · 1 decade ago

where can I write to find out more about Meerkat Manor?

I would like to know where to write the people in Africa that film the Whiskers family....I want to know about Shakespeare.....and why cant the photographers do something to help the Whiskers.

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    I love that show--from what I have read about it the filmakers are there to observe only-not to get involved with the natural course of nature. I think if I was there I would get involved, I hate to see bad things happen to the Whiskers.You can probably write or e-mail Animal Planet to get some info on who to write to!

  • 1 decade ago

    Animal Planet Viewer Relations

    c/o Discovery Channel

    Box 873

    Florence, KY 41022.

    I personally feel that they don't step in and do anything, because this is morther nature at work. If the photographers were not there, it would still happen. Shakespeare has proved to be resilient, as mother nature has intended.

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    Go to www.animal

    Source(s): I went ther to learn more about them. Just click on Meerkat manor in left box and it will tell you everything.
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