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what are someways you cope with the pains of labor?

Hi everyone I am expecting my first baby I am 38 weeks pregnant and very scared of the unknown, just wondered if anyone had some good advice on how to relax during labor and delivery. I never took prenatal classes or anything I just have my mom for support maybe some ideas for what she can do as well would be great. thanks for all your great advice in advance!

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    People use big workout balls, which allows you to rest your back. You can lay with your knees on the floor, your chest on the ball, and this will take some pressure off your pelvic area and back.

    Walking helps some people, but my son was in position for weeks before my cervix started dilating. So walking actually hurt me more.

    As gross as it sounds, I found sitting on the toilet relieved some pressure. You don't want to do that too far along, because some people do dilate pretty fast. But in the earlier stages, this was a relief for me.

    Personally, my labor was 37 hours, and the contractions were close from the beginning. I was exhausted. I thought I was going to go without drugs, but by the 30th hour, I was only 3 cm and was too exhausted. I ended up getting an epidural at 35 hours, about 8.5 cm. And I was a different person. Much more alert, more talkative, and actually happy. AND, because my son was in position, I pushed him out in three pushes, about 15 minutes. That came with 3rd degree tears. I cannot imagine feeling that! I'm SO glad I was numb to that- I also feel it helped my healing go faster, but that's just an opinion.

    Anyhow, I would say just know your limits. Many are against the drugs, but I know a girl who actually took a nap while she was dilating from 4-9 cm. She had a much easier time recovering from the labor, because she was more rested. So, it's something to think about.

    Just remember- the pain does end, and it will go away. If you can think ahead through the pain, focusing on the next one, it will help. And there is no shame in getting some help with a good drug. =)

    Congratulations! Don't worry too much, women survive it every day. So can you!

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    Have an Epidural-it really helps so so much!I was in labor for12 long hours and by the time the pushing came around the epidural had worn off-so hold off on it until you can no longer take the pain.Take deep breaths,bring a relaxing cd to have played during the pushing process,have your mom rub your feet or shoulders,maybe a cold rag on your forehead.I pushed for 2 hours and my son ended up getting stuck on my pelvic bone so I had to have a C-Section:(But all those things helped some-but the pain is still there-but when you hold your baby-all the pain is forgotten!

  • I didn't take the classes either. Unfortunately my OB was out on vacation and another doctor delivered she was mad at me because I hadn't taken the class. I could have slapped her. Anyway once I really started having labor pains I was begging for a epidural. They made me wait for about 2 and a half hours and during that 2 and half hours it hurt BAD. The ONLY thing I found somewhat helpful was my boyfriend rubbing the palm of my hand fairly hard. It kind of took your mind of the pain. And the nurse made me take like deep breaths that helped a little bit.

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    This would now not be the notion you desire however its a well strategy to restrict the ache of work. Ask your physician if you happen to might agenda a c segment. Since that is your moment youngster and also you had issues along with your first hard work and the epidural does not paintings, you can be ready to. I needed to have a c segment with my daughter, she went into fetal misery, and I used to be useless set in opposition to it. But simply final week my exceptional pal had a youngster and after seeing what she went via I am so comfortable I had a c segment. Another notion, if in case you have the cash, is larger a doula. A doula is form of like a hard work assistant. She can support you via the contractions, and has plenty of one-of-a-kind methods to check out to ease the ache with out medicines. Another suggestion is carry whatever that you'll use as a focal factor and hold your gaze locked on it continually for the duration of contractions. I've additionally heard of females utilizing hypnosis for the duration of hard work. Just recall to calm down. This one could also be less difficult as that is your moment beginning. Try to recall to not push till they let you know to. Now that you recognize what can occur if you happen to do it's going to mostly be somewhat less difficult to chorus from pushing. Good good fortune and congrats!!!

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    Whenever I've given birth so far (twice only), my strategy was closing my eyes the entire time- focused only on myself and on the words directed to me. As with my first son- the doctor said the same words when I was in labor with my second son, "A couple more pushes, ... if the bay doesn't come out, we will do a c-section." They both made it out I'm a former gymnast..... so, I would grab my feet and pull my heels- one with each hand like a frog- thinking, " No way you guys will cut me- I can do this!!!" .... and out they popped!

    Don't worry, the nurses and doctors will tell you exactly when to do what and how to breathe a certain way when.

    Remember: inhale through the nose- exhale through the mouth.

    Practice exhaling twice through the mouth (fast-fast) and inhaling once. (let this one come naturally- you will automatically inhale deep enough ) There will be oxygen available and will be provided to you when the going gets tough.

    Good luck- you can do it!!!

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    The truth is that every women's different. If you can tolerate pain then try moving around as often as possible.

    I was fine until the 6th hour when constrained to the bed.

    If I would have been able to walk around or at least move around without all the machines I might have been able to get through the labor without the epidural. Unless your water breaks wait to go to the hospital. when your contractions get closer together about 5 min. Then go. You'll definitely be more at ease at home.

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    Try to focus on something in the room, like a dot on the ceiling.... it will keep you focused and keep you from feeling out of control.... try to stay moving as much as possible, it is hard, but you don't want to just lay there in pain, it makes it worse. try to sit on a birthing ball, (many hospitals have them, or you can get them at walmart with the exercise equipment) or just walk around the room.... Good Luck! :)

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    We're bringing our portable DVD player and mp3 players to the hospital. Movies and music and bonding with my hubby took my mind off of the pain last time.

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    Just remember its going to be over soon..i brought my cell phone when i was in labor and was texting every one i knew...and playing that game "snake" haha And breath no matter what breath through your jnose and out your mouth....Congratulations!!!! and GOODLUCK!

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    make a cd or mp3 of your favorite songs. Include some songs that have to do with motherhood and family...such as "there goes my life" and "Dance". It will motivate you to get past the pain and welcome your little one into this world!

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