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my mother-in ilaw is 96 and has just lost her poodle, does anyone kow where we can pick up a little dog for he

hopefully in southern part of rhode island

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    Please don't get her a dog without asking her first. She may no longer want the responsibility of a dog but wouldn't know how to tell you "no" if you brought one to her. I know she loved her poodle, but please, please ask her before doing this. Something similar happened to a friend of mine with very unhappy results.

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    This is a link to the Poodle Rescue of New England website- I strongly urge you to adopt an adult or senior dog for her. It would be senseless to buy a puppy that will live 20 years when (sadly) your mother in law will probably not. There are some older dogs for adoption on that website, so take a look, and good luck.

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    This is the link for NE Poodle Rescue. I would highly suggest you get an older poodle for your mother in law since a puppy or younger dog will be difficult for her to train and require alot of exercise. Also when the mother-in-law passes someone will need to be prearranged as the new owner. Sorry to be morbid about that but it is important to think about considering her age.

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    I would only get a dog for her if

    1) she wants one and

    2) if you can check on her and the dog every day

    Yup.. the pound is the place to go. I personally would choose a pound that has a "we don't put animals to sleep" policy. I like supporting places that keep them critters alive :) Lucky we have a shelter that we can get pets from that doesn't put them out.

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    With her age, I would not get a puppy. I would take her to the shelters and look at the dogs there. Maybe get one a few years old. Good luck.

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    Shelters or Rescues. Is someone in the family willing to take care of the dog if your mother-in-law is unable to? Considering her age.

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    Shelters are good places to look and I agree that she would probably benefit with an older, already house trained dog that she won't have to deal with all the puppy woes for.

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    Try the local shelter in your area, or try watching the newspaper, sometimes folks will list little puppies that need a good home. I know our local humane society lists some of the puppies they get in and need a good home.

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    Let her grieve for the lost of her poodle before you run out and replace it.

    It could take her years to get over the loss of her pet, when I lost my dog it took me 15 years to replace her.

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    You should look at the shelter or maybe a poodle rescue league

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