i have two frien ds who there crushes like me and i hate it because i will and can't tell them and one of them stalks the guy and never talks to him and the other one i am not sure but i think that he likes me because he stares at me some times like one time in class we were raising our hands and all the time i was doing that my friends crush was looking at me what should i do!!!??????????

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    it isn't your fault hun, and they may not understand that, you do not control other peoples minds and emotions. I had the same shhit happen and now she knows that it wasn't bc of me, it didn't help either that sometimes she would have me go up to her crushes and talk to them for her bc she was too shy, nope, don't do that either, it will decrease the friends crushes.

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    Remember you can't help the way other people feel. And I have learned from experience just because the guy looks at you doesn't mean he is looking to date you. You should first be honest with your friends, because if you were to get something started with this guy you could lose a friend and NO guy is worth losing your friend over. What you have to figure out is if the guy is really wanting to date you. Then, you need to know if you are interested in the guy. Then talk to your friend first to see if it is okay, and if it is a true friend you will know the answer before you ask, JUST make sure you ask your friend

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    Just think about the Pro's and Con's of both sides. She has been your friend for how long? Are you willing to make an enemy out of your friend. If you have feelings for the guy, how strong are those feelings? Friends are forever, but relationships come and go.

    Just think about it, and follow your heart. Even talk to your mom. My mother has always been there for me.

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    Nothing. If you confront him, he may take it that you like him back and cause problems with your other friend. If you talk to her, she will turn on you. Possibly accuse you of being jealous and trying to steal her man.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would answer, but I honestly couldn't gather any information from you're question.

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    go to english class.........learn about run-on sentences......then ask another question......sorry.....

    stay away from the stalker guy.......big trouble.......thats right hes a stalker...

  • 1 decade ago

    ignore both of them

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