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What are some ways that ur girlfriend lets u know she cares about u? im 16, and my boyfriend feels like i dont want him anymore cuz i dont kiss him that much at school.... I want to, its just.... I dont know, and i make out with him like, once a week but juss cuz we're at school, if we were at my house i would do it more... (dont think ya wanted to know that) anyway, what to do? Should i kiss him more to let him know i still love him? Should i kiss him first instead of letting him kiss me first? I NEED help!!

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    1 decade ago
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    Different people receive love in different ways - when some receive a small gift it means the world, for others its when you say really nice things about them that makes them realise you love them. Maybe your boyfriend needs physical contact to know you love him, its like "if she doesn't want to kiss me then she mustn't love me". Sounds strange but think about the ways you know that someone loves you..

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    Your 16 yrs old ,and you say love? you have plenty of time , slow down enjoy life and forget about serious relationships until college junior or senior year. You need to find a group of friends and have fun together or go on a few dates for fun, but remove the he is mine . dont get hurt at this age, its not worth it. You will have plenty of chances later in life for meeting mister right. Too many girls and guys get caught up in having a serious relationshipp and only get hurt, most times the person you like in high school will not be around after college. Use your heart. good luck

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    Girlie Ur man just wanna show off don't let him command u(i know it sounds feminist but it's the truth) if HE loves u he should acknowledge the fact that you aren't comfortable withe the idea.if he doesn't I'm sorry but he doesn't respect u so I'll be even doubtful about the fact that he loves u.

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    Public display of affection isn't needed, if it's taken care of in a private time. Sounds like you boyfriend wants to be a display for his buds, 'see what I got and you ain't gettin it'. Besides at your tender age, why worry about it; there are plenty others that would be glad to have what you give in private. He's insure and your a worry-wart. Drop his sorry *** and move-on.

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    I know you only wanted the guys to answer, I'm a chic, but I had something to say. Girl, you need to do what is comfortable to you. If you don't want to kiss him in school, then he needs to respect who you are. If he needs to know you love him, then give him a small peck here and there at school, but only if you want to.

  • for god sakes kiss the poor guy! if he has to initiate every intimate action than no wonder why he feels like your not interested. Be more aggressive with your feelings, and if you dont liek him, than break up with him and spare his feelings. I mean if you want to show him you care about him, dont be afraid to let other people see you like him, hiss him more. and its not just making out, just go up and hug him. anything.

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    Let him know that you care to him with keep good talk, help his troubles and keep attention to him, but don't too much. He's boy who must be independent later on. It doesn't need to act physically, but just kiss may be OK. ................. remember just only kiss, OK. Take care.

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    Kiss him first then he'll think you care about him

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Tough call because you're NOT supposed to be doing that at school.

    You're there to learn NOT make out.

    So tell him that.

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