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What should I do about this? His chihuahua hate me or what?

I am currently dating a guy, Bradley who have 10 months female chihuahua name Diva. He love that dog to death so do I. We both are deaf. We both live in different states right now because of school. So we use videophone. (if you don't know what it is go to www.sorensonvrs.com) Anyway, I noticed that EVERYTIME, we would talk on the videophone, Diva would try to hog Bradley's attention. At the first, I thought it's cute but it start to get annoying after while... So I did a research and found that chihuahua would get jealous once its owner is dating or in the relationship. But, I mean Diva would literally prevent Bradley having the conversation with me everytime because she would get in his face and demand his attention. When I flew out to New York from SLC to stay with him for 2 weeks, I spent a lot of the time bonding with Diva. Because I know that Diva is important to Bradley but now I am back in Utah. She's at it again. It has taken its toll on us. I WON'T ask him to get rid of her

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    I doubt that it's actually you that bothers her, but rather his attention to the computer itself, rather than her. I would not be surprised if she did this often even when he's not on the video phone. he might consider putting her in her kennel or another room while he visits with you.

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    Chihuahuas can be a one person dog. Sounds like she does like you when you are there in person. I say just give it time. If you and your boyfriend are serious about each other and later move on together, I am sure she will love you too.

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