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what can you tell me about life in edmonton canada?

I will be going to study for a year, amd from what I see on the net, and all the publicity that the city puts out, its seems like a wonderful place to live. Im considering staying there to live and raise a family-if I like it.

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    Excellent - I take it you will be attending U of A?? Whyte Ave is "The" place to shop - it's trendy and close to the university and you'll find lots and lots of students shopping, clubbing and living in that area.

    Edmonton has miles upon miles of walking and biking trail along the river valley. We get the most hours of sunshine in Canada. We have the Rodeo Finals, tons of festivals, lots of community centres (families love that) churches, shopping centres, West Edmonton Mall, museums, arts, ballet, opera and sports for everyone.

    Sure we get a few really cold days in the winter but there are also lots of things to do in the winter. Considering the people moving to Edmonton over the last couple of years I'd say it's a pretty great city.

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    its wonderful! I live in the US (work brought me here) but all my family is in Edmonton and I visit every summer vacation and winter vacation I get. It always gets below 30 degrees in the winter so bundle up but it is a really really nice place overall they even have the world's largest mall, West Edmonton Mall (or WEM for short), and WEM has a huge indoor water park, a huge indoor amusement park, and a standard-sized ice rink! It has all the major retailers (Disney, anyone?) so you can find anything there. My parents attended the University of Alberta in Edmonton, and it is one of the top schools in Canada. Mothers get a one-year paid maternity leave in Canada! Schools for children in Canada are high-quality, unlike some in the US, and they have free public and catholic education. You might want to take in some skiing in Jasper of Banff while you're there. If you love hockey, you're in luck. Canada is hockey country, and Edmonton has it's own hockey team in the NHL, the Oilers. They almost won the Stanley Cup last season, and the city was going wild! Overall, it's a great place to be! Enjoy it!

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    Those who like it like it alot. However there are those who are detractors that have some valid points. I am born and raised in Edmonton and raise my family here now. Park space is excellent, so is recreational activities for young people. The job situation is awesome but with that comes the downside. Crime is up. Its becoming more of a big city. Certain areas are definitely better than others. For more info you can check out my real estate blog at

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    Edmonton is a eye-catching city with the North Saskatchewan River flowing by way of, a lot of alright maintained parks interior the river valley and gala's year around. the superb time to flow to could be after the long weekend in could till overdue September because of the chilly climate that could ensue for the time of the winter months. additionally, on the brink of Edmonton is Jasper (some 3.5 hour force away) interior the Rocky Mountains, between the main eye-catching places i've got viewed interior the international. this is extremely a worldly city with a lot to grant very practically anybody.

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    Edmonton is a great place, I highly reccomend it.

    If you are concered about the "big city" part, you could also live in Sherwood Park or St. Albert; nice suburbs that are just minutes away from the city.

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    depends on your age.. I am 1 hour SW of Edmonton...

    Strathcona is like interesting newagey shops

    well of course there is "THE MALL"

    in August there is Heritage Days - yummy food you can eat all day for a weekend....

    its good and family friendly and lots of good day trips

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    I grew up in Edmonton. It is an incredible city.

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