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NANCY PELOSI, is there any body in your family working on minimum wage ? don't u know $ 5.15 is not enough ?

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    Raising the minimum wage causes many minimum wagers to lose their jobs. Better off with 5.15 and working your way up to a better job.

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    Teenagers generally work for minimum wage. And they are not supporting themselves, someone else is. Adults are generally not working for minimum wage because there are so many options that pay more like temporary agencies for example. In my area, a temp job pays a minimum of $8 hour but usually more. So the whole issue is a smoke screen to create sympathy for the supposed poor working people trying to raise families on minimum wage jobs which is not really happening. Did you ever see them parade any minimum wage earning families out like they usually do for other issues they are trying to shove before us?

    As for Nancy Pelosi, besides being annoying as crap, will probably get her way for awhile as the Republicans regroup. You see, when people vote for change, then changes for the better should follow. Unless of course, it was all just meaningless words used to manipulate the public by the power hungry. Time will tell won't it.

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    Don't you even bother to run a little web search before making


    Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are in Favor of raising the minimum wage.

    Its the republicans that like to see people work a 40 hour week and still not be able to afford rent.

    Try reading the news once in a while.

    House Speaker-to-be Nancy Pelosi has said she'll make a federal increase a top priority. President Bush has indicated he will work with her on the issue. And Democrats, the biggest supporters of a national raise, now have control of the U.S. House and Senate.

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco), set to become speaker, said a minimum-wage hike is one of the goals the new Democratic-controlled Congress hopes to accomplish when it convenes in January.

    Note: a thumbs down for stating the facts. Must have been a Republican...or two.

    Or three:)

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    a raise in the minimum wage wont help at all you will be making more and paying more for everything. Business will raise prices to stay in business. There will always be mimimum wage jobs and they will always be tough to live on no matter if its 5.15 or 6.50

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    specific this know-how is genuine and Pelosi certainly suggested it the different day. She reported that she would paintings with Congress to close this loophole to make Del Monte and Starkist pay the hot minimum salary. the clarification they weren't obligated to accomplish that before is the certainty that maximum of their exertions is accomplished in American Samoa and different US territories, that have been exempt from the minimum salary interior the previous. Pelosi reported that she would paintings to close this loophole and make the minimum salary persist with to US territories as properly as US states.

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    Pay attention. $5.15 is the current minimum wage that the Republican congress refused to raise even while raising their own salaries. The Democrats have promised to raise the minimum wage.

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    If I remember correctly, Hassert was in control of the House. Why haven't YOU asked the Republican house for over the PAST 12 YEARS to pass a MINIMUM WAGE BILL???

    How about we give Pelosi a chance before you decide to pass judgement?

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    As far as I understand, Pelosi and the Dems want to raise the min wage to $7.15 an hour. BTW, the Dems are not in control of congress yet. They won't be until the new term next year.

    Are you working for min. wage? If so, you seem to be doing ok, since you can obviously afford a computer and Internet connection. Maybe not, perhaps you are posting from the library. If that's the case, my apologies.

    Love jack

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    Raising the minimum wage lowers every body's effective wages by raising all prices to pay for the new minimum wage!

    Source(s): High school economics.
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    When she's done with things $5.15 an hour will be a top paying job!!!!!

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