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weight loss question?

how do I keep a diet? I have tried and tried, but nothing. ANY HELP???

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    I tried every exercise and every diet. I want to be 144 pounds and fit the chart and I was 189 pounds. From Weight Watchers to Atkins. I lost and gained it back. Until one day on Opray winfrey show this neutritionist said, "Keep a journal, a small pad that fits in your purse and you have no reason to cheat because you eat anything you want just count calories. Got a calorie counter and remembered a slogan at a ww meeting. "Count calories, your stomach doesn't have a brain let it use yours."

    I ate 300 calories 4 times a day. Took forever but it worked.

    Never think this is a diet, or that it will take a long time.

    Think I got through this morning. Eat milk and cereal 10 am break fruit. lunch. sandwitch and diet soda. 3 pm fruit

    Dinner a chicken breast from the george forman griller and a big salad. cooked vegetable and snack a cup of yogurt or fruit again.

    Apples fill me up I go through 3 a day.

    get a sno cone machine well worth it. At wal mart it was like 10 dollars. Eat several sno cones with diet soda.

    when you get to goal start adding calories until you stop losing.

    That is your set point. Mine is low from a life time of starvation on diets. 1400 to 1500 any more than that and I gain weight.

    another help for people who won't exercise: me! I got an exercise bike and listen to jazzy music and ride my heart out.

    one with handles that move.

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    In the beginning, make ATTAINABLE weekly goals. Each time you reach a goal make a new one right away. As time goes on, tighten the goals so you have to work a little. You can always loosen again if you feel you have to..

    These goals don't have to be the number on the scale or the pounds lost that week. Actually, it's better if you don't use those things as your goals. Use things that are more within your control, like amount of exercise or eating something healthy everyday or not having your fave goodie for a month (or not until a social gathering coming up)

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    Gradually change your eating habits. A crash diet will only make you lose water weight, might slow down your metabolism, and make your body resistant to being able to digest the foods that you used to eat. Start by shaving only 250 cals off your eating, and exersing to burn 250 cals. You'll build muscle, which burns more fat, and lose inches. The first week of doing this, depending on your height, weight, body composition, and how much you believe that you need to lose, one can drop anywhere between 3 lbs (if U have a little bit to lose) to 12 (if you are very overweight).


    Always consult a doctor before changing your eating plan. And let him/her tell you if you really need to lose weight or body fat. Suggestion: Do a body fat analysis, don't rely solely on BMI which can be misleading (telling you that you are too big or too small).

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    I have the same problem. No will power, but it really helps to have a support group or person who will help you. When I was in TOPS I lost a little weight, but being on my own, nothing. I guess unless you have the will power to do it on your own, try finding help through family or a friend. Mix things up to, so that you don't get bored with the same old foods and make sure to get a little exercise in every day. Good luck to you!!!

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    Well first Dont call it a diet call it a life style change! You really shoud see a Nutritionist ... they can help you choose the foods that are correct for your body! Eating healthy is the key and the foods you eat do not have to taste bad!

    I have tried every diet known to man....! The only thing that worked for me was the Dr. Phil Book! Sounds stupid i know but it worked! I lost 60 lbs!

    I wish you the best of luck!

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    don t eat mindlessly while watching the tv on the computer or doing other activity

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    take a break from blue moon belgian white a 164 calorie treat and grab a miller genuine draft which is only 64 cals

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    The problem are the toxins in your system.

    You need to watch your nutrition.


    My friend lost 20 lb in 10 days.

    It works and it's safe.

    It helps my system to stay in balance, even though I don't need to lose weight.

    Tip:You can enroll and purchase at wholesale.

    Good Luck.

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    You have to focus if your really wanted to loose weight you wouldnt give up!So the question is do you really want to loose weight or not?!

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    eat light and drink 3-8oz glasses of grapefruitjuice a should loose 4-5 lbs every 12 weeks

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