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i need to find the date of someones death?

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    You need to get their death certificate. The county where the death occurred will have the death certificate. Do a google search for the official web site of the county and write away for the certificate.

    If you post the location where the person died, I can look up the web site for you and give you the address.As others have said, also check the SSDI. The address is:

    However this isn't updated often, so if the death was recent, you may not find the person in the SSDI.

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    Deaths are public record. If it is a local person,

    you could contact your county courthouse, or

    check with your obituary records of the local

    newspaper. And you could contact your

    state's Department of Vital Statistics, who

    maintains the birth, marriage, death registries

    and request a copy of someone's death certificate.

    The Social Security Administration would be

    another source. And of course, websites for

    these on the internet.

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    If they are famous look online, otherwise, public records has death certificates on file

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  • 1 decade ago

    go to the SSDI (Social Security Death Index) site-

  • 1 decade ago

    Is it in your family? If it is then trace you genealogy that should help.

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